The Law Givers "Witch Wife" - A Chronicle
by E. A. Morrissey

Chapter III

Written by E. A. Morrissey
Edited by James Pedrick

Not a word was uttered from the time of the grove to the village. Roksva had no complaint when it was suggested she ride aback of the beast of burden. Thorolfs village was situated atop of a hill. It was well fortified and because it was in the middle of open ground, it had tactical advantages as well. People were waiting for them in the middle of the pack stood Thorolf. Twenty paces from the crowd the beast of burden stopped, Roksva got down and walked a pace with the sender after the beast was given o'er to a handler.

"I see you Roksva, Heart of my Heart," Thorolf said. She nodded and placed her hand on his forearm. They looked at each other, somehow understanding each other without uttering one word. Thorolf turned his head and looked at the Sender and said. "I see you, Sender."

"We have noticed your absence and It seethe to Me you did not fair so well, what say you?"

"are the Law givers still Here?"

"Yes" Thorolf said.

"What sayest thou, if I present myself for attendance? Much deliberation have I done and much have I to tell thee, and wouldst thou sanction a request?

"One has to understand thine request before it is sanctioned. You have permission to present thyself."

They passed through the village to the lawgivers Hol (Hall). Only the roof showed above ground and in the center was there a hole in the middle with smoke rising out of it. They walked down a gangway into the Hol. Sitting around a fire in a semi circle was the other lawgivers. Names are academic at this point because all eyes were on the sender and Roksva. Thorolf took his place with the other Lawgivers leaving the two to stand side by side as if on trial.

The lawgivers had there own private conversation with a few nay says and a couple of Yeas. After a couple of minutes "All" were in agreement. "Methinks the sender has petitioned may have something to do with his experience at the grove."

"Well then present thy case, thou dost have the Ears of the Lawgivers!"

"Yes, thou art correct, Methinks thy attendance at the Grove could have been a 'boon' or a 'bane?'

"Whilst I shalt keep thine own prattling 'held,' I shall be steadfast."

"Mjollnir's bearer hast commanded mine own presence as of the morrow. In this case there be reason for another Sender to be appointed perchance thine purity of heart is wanting, mine own life shalt be forfeit."

"The other case, Red Beard may have an errand for mine."

"'Tis a choice to not be made erstwhile a Sender shalt thou have to elect, thus My tenure hath drawn to a conclusion."

From one to another the Lawgivers said, "So be it."

Thorolf said, "Former Sender thine own career had awarded the council an efficient transmission of communications. If it hasn't been said before afore a job thou hast, 'twas a job well done. Henceforth, shalt we celebrate thine own new course, what sayest thou we start off in good measure."

At the wave of Thorolfs hand the drudges brought in the mead. The occasion became somewhat less formal as Roksva started her recount. as the night progressed the Lawgivers stated all diligence to be made on the "import of most high."

Thorolf and Roksva walked at a measured pace holding each other "just so," so no mistake could be made about their union. At the home they made preparations abed. The night contained more than a few moments that were met with tenderness.

For all that Roksva couldn't sleep, she turned to Thorolf, and he was asleep of course, so she woke him by pinching where it was most effective. He woke up' his blue eyes stared at her, if a little unfocused and he said, "thy mind still runs at a pace dost it not?"

"Dear heart thy will give thanks to "Red Beard" himself for thine own attentiveness," she smiled.

"Thoughts of a black omen on the morrow." The Husband said!

"Methinks the world as we know it will change, worse for that matter."

"Dear Heart! Change comes to us all, fear not thy peoples are a practical sort, proof will have to be shown and then and then shalt it require a measure of time "afore yea go."

She smiled, kissed him and said "Thine eyes are lidded, may your thoughts be gentle, love of my heart." 'Twas an hour before the morrow before Roksvas' eyes were lidded.

The Senders night was full of confusion; his thoughts were full of images of being burnt to ash. Words filled his mind "Steadfast shalt thou be, pure of heart art thou, thine own convictions are for nonce, resolve thyself for a day of import is upon the Sender of no name."


In years gone by, when the Senders were Born a name day wasn't given. They were considered property of the Lawgivers, They were not slaves, infact they had the most freedom (a name not given, a name not called) they had the "rights of way" no door is barred, no peoples above his question; the Senders were borne for these reasons.

The morrow would change all this the Sender thought. His comfort was at its lowest, turn did he though the night

The Cock crowed at the rise of the sun, the passage of wind changed direction making passage for the nine ships difficult. The pace slowed to that of a snail's pace.

The senders Eyes popped open, the cock had crowed, he got out of his rack to carry out his necessities. His chambers were adjacent to the Lawgivers Hol. Ten Paces to the sun was a hot spring, he cleansed himself and shortly thereafter his journey to the grove commenced.

Passage of time Flew by from the Hol to the forty-ninth pace, he halted the last vestige of uncertainty hit home. The words "be steadfast, strengthen thy resolve" came out of his mind.

Time slowed with each pace. The senders brow furrowed and sweats trickled apast his temples. His worry was the absence of lightning? The wind brewed, his head became light again the convolution of emotions sprang forth. At the tenth pace Mjolnirs' wielder took form, a smile was on his face, his arms stretched out in a welcome, at once the Sender was at peace.

The ninth pace was his last, thunder roared o'er head. He kept his eyesight till the last. His body burning to ash, his mind was kept aside of the cremation; his last thought was how at peace was he!

Continued in Chapter IV

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