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Chapter Two, Confrontations, written by Renee Langan

Rough Sketch of Mystery"Nova," the Silver Surfer says again, "Is that really you?" Yet, all he receives from the woman is a blank confused stare. She does not appear to even know her own name. It is possible that she could be suffering from the same sort of memory loss she did when Galactus dismissed her as his herald? The Surfer believes this to be the case. He does notice something quite different about her in the way she has presented herself before him. Unlike the Nova he knew, this woman is more powerful and fully in tuned with that power. She is wiser. Confident. More experienced. There is no fear or doubt in her eyes, only conviction.

"Nova," the Surfer repeats, louder and again the woman looks at him with a blank expression.

"I believe that you may have me confused with someone else," she replies calmly, "My name is Galaxy and you must be the Silver Surfer. I have been awaiting your arrival. Though, I must admit for a moment I thought that I would have to come search for you." She says this with no emotion, as if the words have been programmed into her. The Silver Surfer can only look at her. His mind trying in every way to deny that this is Nova but his heart tells him otherwise. He realizes that he must be careful around her. After all, this could be another trap.

"Why are you here? Surely you would not be here if you did not want something from me."

"Silver Surfer, I have come for you and at the order of my mistress, I am to bring you to her." Galaxy continues, not allowing the Surfer time to speak, "My mistress, the world healer known as Mystery, sent me for you because of the threat your former master poses to every bit of good that she has or is trying to do."

"Silver Surfer, you are right in thinking that I could not be from this universe, for I am not. My mistress knows that you are the only one that holds the answer to relieving her universe of your former master's endless rein of destruction. Mystery wants your help in bringing your former master back into the universe in which he belongs. Will you come? Will you help my mistress?"

The Surfer pauses for a moment. This universe is finally rid of Galactus, he is finally rid of him but what right does he have to condemn another universe to his former master's endless hunger.

Besides, the Surfer wants to go just to meet this Mystery. He has a few questions he would like to ask her and most of them involve her herald, Galaxy.

"My mistress would also like to give you some added incentive. If you do not come, she will destroy the world eater and in return your universe will die," adds Galaxy with certainty.

"Destroy Galactus?" answers the Surfer a bit amused.

"Yes, although Mystery frowns on combat, she does not like the idea of having all her centuries of work ruined by this invader, for my mistress cannot heal the worlds that your former master has consumed."

"I have a feeling that this can only end in a battle with Galactus but I will go. Take me to see your mistress."

"Silver Surfer, give me your hand. We must combine all our power if we are to open a doorway to my universe." The Surfer does as she tells him and they both fire a blast in space. With Galaxy direction, a doorway opens up and with moments they travel through the gateway toward Mystery.

Galactus stand over yet another planet that has appeased his hunger. His energy converter is already being deploys back into his ship by his herald, Morg. The mighty one prepares to enter his ship, when a ship as large as his own enters the dead planet’s orbit. Galactus knows nothing of this ship or who might dwell inside but he does know that this does not make for a pleasant situation.

He turns his head in time to see a flash of energy and a figure of a woman appear before him. She is tall enough to look him right in the eye. Her face is hard and cold, though he can tell that she is not pleased. He can tell by looking at her that she is not mortal. Of course, her presence here means nothing to him but a delay and Galactus does not like delays.

"Greetings, Galactus," the female says, "I see that you have consumed another one of my planets. Not a very good way to make friends."

"What does Galactus care for friends? Galactus needed this world to appease his hunger. Nothing else matters. Who are you to claim this planet as your own?"

"I am Mystery and I claim this entire universe as mine for I have been here since its birth. Can you say the same?" Mystery replies with a hint of anger in her voice. "You have brought death not only to several planets already but to many creatures that lived on those planets. Galactus, I will not tolerate this behavior for long. I strongly urge you to return to your own universe before things become unpleasant." A small smile came across the face of Galactus.

"So now you threatened the mighty Galactus. Know this, Mystery, I do what I must to survive. I care not what universe I must do so in and I shall remain in this universe until I see fit to do otherwise. I will allow no one to interfere with my survival. All those who oppose my will shall suffer the consequences. You would do well to remember that."

"You speak to me as if I am a mortal child, Galactus. In the end your insults matter not but you should 'know this' I am not to be underestimated. Make no mistake, ‘mighty Galactus', you will go back to the universe in which you belong or I will destroy you. I hope that the next time we meet, you would have come to your senses and do as I instruct you to." With that said, Mystery disappears just as suddenly as she had appeared, as does her ship. Galactus is left there to ponder the situation.

"You have made yourself clear, Mystery, but Galactus will not be ordered about nor will he be threatened by any being," he says calmly, "My will is my own as you shall soon learn."

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