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Chapter Six, In Steps Lady Fate, written by Renee Langan

Rough Sketch of MysteryThe moments of silence seem to last forever as Galactus seemingly thinks over the situation. What it is about it he is thinking about is unknown. Galaxy and the Silver Surfer hold their breath, each hoping for a different outcome. Galaxy wants a fight between the two forces of nature. She feels the Devourer of Worlds is unworthy of living to have another meal. The Silver Surfer wishes for Galactus to heed his words so that there is no fight. For if a battle would occur, it would surely mean the end of Galactus and the end of his universe.

Galactus looks past the Surfer at Mystery who is now not too far away, also awaiting his decision. Morg is still missing but his presence is not missed by anyone present. The Silver Surfer glances constantly at Galaxy who is readying herself for the worst outcome possible. The cold expression now on her face serves as a reminder that she is no longer Nova.

It is the words of another that breaks the silence and surprises even Galactus and Mystery. "A tense moment for two universes who's very survival depends on that of two cosmic beings that's role is as loosely defined as time and space." Everyone except Mystery looks about searching for the being who spoke those words.

"Lady Fate, show yourself," demands Mystery, coming closer to the Silver Surfer and Galaxy. "What role have you to play in this encounter? Surely the fate of this intruder matters not to you."

"Of course not. I can no more control his life and death than I can yours," answers the voice. Then a form of a woman appears between Galactus and Mystery. She is as tall as them but the sight of her is no where near as impressive. Lady Fate is wearing a long black robe and her face is as human as Mystery's, with exception that Lady Fate has no hair. "Galactus is staying, though." This does not go over well with Mystery.

"I’m afraid if he stays, I cannot allow him to live," replies Mystery.

"But you will let him live."

"You have no authority over my actions, Lady Fate."

"No, I do not. You are always so insistent on defying me, of course I know that it is your purpose to do so. For countless ages you have done just that by saving planets from certain doom, as a result you changed their fate and caused an imbalance in the universe you so love. Even though, there are still many civilizations that die with every passing moment, it is not nearly enough to keep a balance between life and death. Mystery, you must be fully aware of what will happen if this imbalance is not rectified.

"And I could not very well ask you to give up that which you are so I arranged for Galactus to enter our realm. He is here because Galactus can aid me with his never-ending hunger by destroying worlds and the worlds in which in feeds upon cannot be saved by you. Because of that one little fact, the imbalance in this universe will eventually correct itself.

"My mistress, certainly you are not going to allow this?" pleads Galaxy.

"I have no choice, my herald. Lady Fate is right the balance of life and death has to be restored," answers Mystery, "But if it is an imbalance you wish to correct, Lady Fate, then allow me to assist you. I will leave. I will accompany the Silver Surfer back to his realm and continue my duties there." The great woman smiles like a child that just challenged her parents and won. "I am sure that his universe could use a world healer."

"And Galactus shall have no say in his own fate?" comments Galactus.

"No, Mighty One," answers the Silver Surfer, enjoying this moment. "You are nothing more that a pawn. They could care less what you demand." Lady Fate addresses Galactus.

"Come Galactus, we all know that you would have not left this universe. You will stay because it is rich in planets on which for you to feed."

"And Mystery if it is your wish to leave, then I cannot stop you. Someone needs to challenge Lady Death and I am sure you will defy her as you have done me. Farewell." Lady Fate leaves with a gesture that can only be described as a wave goodbye.

"Galactus, I leave you to your dinner," says Mystery. She snaps her finger and the Silver Surfer, the Orion, Galaxy, and Mystery disappear into another universe. Morg flies up to his master, very confused.

"What'd I miss?" Morg asks looking around.

"Nothing, my herald. Attend to your duties." Galactus shakes his head, as if he has just had a very long day and stares out into the vast space. He wonders what other strange cosmic beings he will encounter in this universe and he also wonders when Mystery will come back to keep her promise.

Concludes in Chapter 7


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