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Before you read this chapter, make sure you read Chapter Six.

Chapter Seven, Epilogue: A New Beginning, written by Renee Langan

Rough Sketch of MysteryThe Silver Surfer and Galaxy would not have known that they had moved if not for the sudden disappearance of Galactus and his ship. Everything else looked the same. Mystery was now looking about the area as if everything here was new to her. At first the Surfer thought that they had simply traveled to a different location in the universe, but he changed his mind when he spotted the remains of Zenn-La.

"I guess now it is time for me to keep my part of the bargain," says Mystery, preparing herself to transfer life energy.

"Stop," interrupts the Silver Surfer.

"You do not want me to bring back Zenn La?" she asks, pretending to be surprised by his action.

"It would not be right, the planet and its people are already gone. As much as it pains me to say it, it would be better off to leave things as they are."

"As you wish. If that is all, then my herald and I must be on our way." Mystery turns to leave.

"Wait," pleads the Surfer, "There is something more." She turns back to him, smiling as if she had predicted he would ask something else. "I know of some worlds that are in need of healing. I would be honored if you would let me lead you to them."

"Really?" she answers, raising her eyebrows as if surprised by this. "Very well. Galaxy, go with him and signal me when you reach these worlds."

"Certainly, my mistress." Galaxy bows to the great woman. "Let's go, Silverado." She smiles at him and he cannot help but to return the gesture.

The Silver Surfer leads the way to the first world he has in mind. He is glad to have Mystery here and is even more content at the moment to lead her to worlds in need of healing. The Surfer doesn't think having her around will be so bad after all. He has the company of Galaxy and has a chance at, at least, a little redemption. Not a bad ending to an interesting adventure.

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