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Chapter Five, Differences, written by Renee Langan

Rough Sketch of MysteryMystery looks at the Surfer as if she has been reading his very thoughts and was insulted by them. Then her eyes move from him to another area of the room where Galaxy enters. The sadness on her face shows that more tragedy has struck the planets of this universe. The herald looks over at her mistress as if begging for Mystery to do something about Galactus.

"There is no need for you to give me your report, my herald," says the great woman, "I already know that it is not good. Silver Surfer, now is the time for something to be done. I will not tolerate this any longer."

"Mistress...." begins Galaxy.

"I know what you are about to say, Galaxy," her mistress interrupts, "If you do not wish to get on my bad side, I strongly suggest that you do not finish." The Surfer watches as Galaxy backs down, obeying Mystery and her mistress turn back to him. "I want you to talk to your former master. I do not care how you do it but you must convince him to leave my universe. If you fail to do so, I will have no choice but to destroy him."

"Why do you not talk to him? You would have better luck convincing him to leave than I," replies the Surfer, not understanding why this woman will not or has not undertaken this task herself. "Why do you need me to do something that you can clearly do yourself? Why am I here at all?" When he finishes this statement, Galaxy shakes her head as if he just said something wrong.

"It is not my job to convince him to do anything," answers Mystery, raising her voice enough to let him know that she is angry. "But it is my job to protect my universe. What happens to yours is of no consequence to me. What occurs in your universe has no impact on me of this universe. Why should I care what happens to it?

"I am merely giving you the opportunity to save your universe. You can either take advantage of that opportunity or stand aside so that I may dispose of this intruder. Either way, YOUR FORMER MASTER WILL BE STOPPED!!!"

The Silver Surfer glares at Mystery with contempt. It appears that she has made up her mind about this situation and he is caught in the middle. Now he has no choice but to confront Galactus for it has been made quite clear that Mystery fully intends on destroying his former master. For the sake of his universe, he had better succeed in swaying the Devourer of Worlds which is an impossible task in itself.

"And should I convince him to leave?" he asks.

"Galaxy will be with you to signal me and I will open a portal for you. It is time for you to go. Your former master is not far off. Galaxy, I want you to make sure the Silver Surfer gets to talk with the intruder alone." Galaxy bows and waves for the Surfer to follow her. "I am giving only one chance at this, no more. I suggest you make it count."

The Silver Surfer follows Galaxy out of the Orion and she stops for a moment. "Allow me to give you a piece of advice. Never question my mistress about her actions. She really hates that."

"I noticed."

"She is not that bad, really. Mistress, is just under a lot of stress from him being here," she replies looking over in the direction where Galactus must be. "She can feel the planets die, as he feeds upon them. It is not a pleasant feeling."

"I see." he answers. Now he understands. Mystery is connected to this universe just as Galactus is connected to his. His former master's actions have not only injured this universe but have also caused personal injury to Mystery. She must see as Galactus' feeding on the planets as an attack against her. That's why she won't bother to convince him to leave. She wants him to pay for hurting her and her universe. Galaxy motions for the Surfer to continue on their way and he follows willingly.

Not really that far away from the Orion, the Worldship sits in the orbit of a planet that is, at the moment, very rich in life energies. Morg is deploying the converter, while his master is on the planet, very pleased with his next meal. Galactus suddenly looks in the direction of Morg but not at the herald, behind him.

Before Morg can make a move to defend himself, Galaxy appears from almost nowhere and attacks him. The battle only lasts seconds, as Galaxy easily defeats Morg with a single blast. The Surfer is there as well, astonished with the ease in which she defeated Morg.

"Well done," says the Silver Surfer, impressed.

"Thank you," replies Galaxy, happy with herself but not at all amazed with her performance. "I do not know why but that was very satisfying." Galactus is not at all happy. He leaves the planet and approaches Galaxy.

"So you betrayed Galactus, only to go serve another," he states, not at all surprised by her presence. "And I see that your mistress has granted you even more power." Galaxy says nothing. "Silver Surfer, you must also be momentarily in her service as well."

"I am not here to do her bidding, Galactus. I am here to save you and our universe. If you do not go back, Mystery will make good on her word."

"I will leave this universe only when I choose to do so. Galactus do not bend to any will but his own. Not even the threats of this being will sway me. You, of all, know this."

"You do not understand, I have spoken with Mystery. She will destroy you and she has the power to do so. The fate of our universe, your life, my life, and all life in our universe means nothing to her when it comes to the well-being of this universe. Are you truly willing to rick everything by remaining here? What would battling Mystery gain you but more hassle than I know you want?" The mighty one pauses. Thinking? This Silver Surfer hopes so. The last thing this or any universe needs is a battle between Galactus and Mystery.

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