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Chapter Four, The Birth of Galaxy, written by Renee Langan

Rough Sketch of Mystery"In order for you to understand Galaxy's resurrection, Silver Surfer, you must first understand a few other elements," explains Mystery, "First, you must know that I am Mystery, a living force of nature in this universe. I am sister to the beings known as Lady Fate and Master Reality who are the equivalent of Death and Eternity in your universe. As such, I have the power to defy and defeat those very elements for I exist to correct their imperfections.

"Being such that I am allows me to travel from universe to universe unnoticed by my equals and completely unknown to lesser creatures like yourself. I traveled long ago to your universe not with the intention of gaining myself a new herald, but to gain knowledge of a sister universe almost as old as my own.

"Lady Time, you know her better as Infinity, has a strange way of presenting herself," says Mystery, amused with the thought. "When I visited your universe it was very long ago, but for you it was not but a recent event. You seen, Silver Surfer, both of our universes are governed by the same Lady Time which is why these two universes are sisters. This means that both of our universes follow the same time rate at the same constant speed. So when I traveled to your universe so long ago I had actually traveled forward in time. Knowing this should help you to understand how Galaxy can be so much more older

that you."

Mystery pauses for a moment, apparently gathering her thoughts or recalling the event. The Surfer waits patiently, quite interested in the story this great woman is about to tell. Before the Surfer had encountered this woman, he assumed her to be just as Galactus, but standing here a this moment the Surfer realizes that Mystery is nothing like his former master. In fact, for being a third force in nature in this universe her behavior is surprisingly quite human.

"When I was in your universe," Mystery continues, "I was inspecting rubble that once served as your former master's dinner when I noticed the faintest of life sparks coming from the surface of a sun. It was a dying life spark but was one that held a soul like no other I had seen in a very long time. Being who that I am, I could not allow such a powerful soul, that had yet to reach it's full potential, fall into Death's hands.

"So I breathed life back into her body, and she arose giving me her name as being Nova. Surprisingly, she knew who I was and she knew of my purpose. She asked if she could serve as my new herald, to help me in my quest to save worlds in need. I wanted no payment in return for bringing her back from Death's embrace, for I do not work that way, but she was insistent. Her reasoning was that serving me would serve as a redemption of sorts for all the death she brought when serving your former master. I agreed.

"But there was one condition she wanted to be met first. She wanted me to completely erase all her memories of her past from her mind. She wanted under no circumstances ever to remember her past or who she once was. She said this was so that she could better serve me but I know that it was not. Again, I agreed to her terms and transformed her. Combining her own power, the power cosmic, and my own, making her the woman she is now. Galaxy has served me faithfully for hundreds of thousands of centuries.

"And now, Silver Surfer, you know how she became Galaxy but is it really necessary for me to tell you her entire life story? That would take up more time than we have." states Mystery.

"No, of course not," replies the Surfer. He at first had a problem in believing that Nova would willingly give up her memories and serve another but now that he has had a chance to really think about it, he believes that if he were ever in the same situation that he would also have made that same choice. Nova was given the gift of redemption, the Silver Surfer wishes that he could be so lucky.

"Silver Surfer, I believe we have some business to attend to. Are you ready to take the responsibility of removing this intruder from my universe?"

"Yes, what do I have to do?" He has yet again become a pawn for a higher being than himself. The Surfer wonders if this role will ever cease to plague him.

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