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Chapter 1

The Resurrection of Jadeite

Written by Joshua Jones,
Edited by James Pedrick,
Art by Joshua Jones

Chapter 1 Pic          Space; by all accounts, it is a timeless, trackless void. But high above the earth, Scrier sees it as all that and much more. It is both a source of the answers to the great questions of life, of reason for being; and otherwise simply the neighborhood. These thoughts race through the ancient one’s mind simultaneously with thousands of others, thoughts that only he can understand. Hands slowly clasped behind his back, Scrier elevates himself out of the earth’s orbit, and moves closer toward the moon. This place will serve his purpose well, without attracting unwanted attention from his beloved planet’s populace.

          Slowly, the great one gestures a hand into space, and a silent wave of purple energy cascades the stars, until a large vortex appears. The vortex matches Scrier in height, but is three times as wide as his massive, cloaked form. Small flickers of energy emerge from the vortex, rippling through it’s circular frame like bits of lightening meant to give this portal density, stability. Now Scrier raises his other hand, to see into the anomaly he has created, and bring forth that which he desires.

          The amount of time he quietly floats there in space is uncertain, however, Scrier’s mind isn’t on this level of reality, where time can be measured. He instead focuses on the task at hand, and sifts through the purple cloud masses that form in the vortex with his mind; as if sifting through a bookshelf in search of a long forgotten fairy tale. If any surprise comes across his hooded face, it comes unnoticed, as his blank eyes now flicker with the same energy emitting from the vortex. He has found what he is looking for.

          Both of his gloved fists clamp shut, as if to grab hold of his discovery, and he gestures to himself, as if to pull it out. Slowly, eventually, a form takes place in the center of the portal, growing larger and larger, until it seems as if it will come crashing out into the universe. As soon as the object is completely removed from the portal, the vortex snaps out of existence, its purpose now served. As the energy now dissipates, Scrier looks upon his work with a sense of satisfaction.

          This object, this large crystal-like structure gently floats before him. And after some time of contemplation, the cloaked figure erects a sphere of energy around himself and his discovery, and lands and the moon’s surface. Once contact with the dust is made, Scrier walks closer to the crystal, observing its purple glimmer, it’s reflective properties, and it’s size. The crystal, by Terran standards, stretched ten feet into space, and was six feet in diameter. But the outward appearances of the crystal were the least of all Scrier observed. Scrier also sensed a familiar aura about the crystal, and knew he chose well what he pulled from the vortex. He wasn’t content to look upon it, but within it. His finely tuned eyes reduced to a cosmic level, pierced through the crystal, the outer shell, and discovered a humanoid figure in its center.

          Understanding what he must do, Scrier raises one arm, and lays it heavily, yet gently against the hull of the structure. Then the great one speaks, his voice old beyond measure, and booming of power and might, yet weak from not being in use. "It is time."

          And with that, the crystal began to vibrate, and blur out of existence, leaving only the humanoid figure, who slumped to the dusty moon surface, still unconscious. Scrier watches the figure, still locked under a spell of sleep, and ponders just how human this creature truly is. He has pale skin, accompanied with short, ragged blonde hair. He wears a tattered gray uniform, that ends in two long black boots. Scrier then points at the figure, and watches it rise into the air he now filled the energy sphere with. A small flicker of blue energy shoots from Scrier’s finger into the entity’s brain, stimulating a long since dormant mind, and Scrier watches the color fade back into the man’s skin.

          Suddenly, without warning, the man’s eyes burst open, as his arms swing forward in front of him, as if to shield himself. "NO!", the man cried, "My queen--please!" Then he stops himself, and realizes he is not where he thinks he is. "Whe—where am I?…Who are you?" "Greetings, Jadeite, General to Queen Beryl of the Negaverse. I am called Scrier", the entity reponded, his voice almost warm and comforting to the scared soul. "You and I now stand on the surface of the moon, in an energy created atmosphere suitable for you to survive in after the end of your confinement… You are weak from the awakening process, so do not speak; for Scrier will answer all your unasked questions."

          "I am he who liberated you from your confinement to eternal sleep at the hands of the one you know as Queen Beryl, after you failed to please her. I have pulled you out of limbo into this dimension. Below us now is a what you would call an alternate variation of the earth you were attempting to conquer. Much time has passed in your absence, and there is much you must know."

          "But", Jadeite began, "how--?"

          "Such an act is within my capabilities," Scrier interrupted, "as are many others."

          "Why me, then?…Why did you bring me here?"

          "You are the only one who remains that may yet help me," Scrier stated, "for you see, the great Queen Beryl that you served to faithfully… was eventually destroyed by the beings you know as the Sailor Scouts."

          "Wh—What?! That’s impossible! Queen Beryl is invincible! There’s no way those three girls could be so powerful! No way!—Urg!" Jadeite falls to his knees, hands clasped across his torso in pain.

          "Calm yourself, Jadeite," Scrier suggested, "you are still recuperating." After a while, Scrier continued.

          "After you were gone, Beryl sent many other adversaries into battle with the scouts, to no avail… In time, the other generals of the Negaverse were gone as well; and where there was once three Sailor Scouts, now stood five."

          "Five? Five Sailor Scouts?"

          "Yes, the respective bearers of planets Jupiter and Venus later joined the Scouts." Scrier coldly continued his story.

          "The Moon Princess was revealed to be Sailor Moon herself, as was the fabled Silver Imperial Crystal, which she has in her possession. Now armed with the crystal, the scouts combined their powers, and the Queen was narrowly outdone."

          "I…I can’t believe it! They defeated Queen Beryl?1…"

          "I understand you held the Queen in the highest respect of power," said Scrier, "but in time, the Sailor Scouts refined their skill, and have since become far more powerful than when you battled them."

          "Even more powerful? How could this have happened? Is the Negaverse still existent?," asked the general with hope in his voice.

          "For the moment," answered Scrier, "no. The Sailor Scouts currently have no equal in their reality… Only you remain., and that is why I have awakened you."

          "And what reason is that?"

          "I am in need of someone like you," Scrier stated, "an agent, a disciple, a—" "A slave?," interrupted Jadeite, with anger in his eyes. "Do you think I’m that stupid? You’re lying! I know you are!" He begins to power himself up, with nega-energy growing in his hands.

          "I’m no fool, Scrier! I will destroy you and return to Queen Beryl! She will reward me for proving myself strong enough to survive!"

          With that he unleashed everything his weakened form could muster into an energy ball, and thrust it at the cloaked figure before him. Upon impact, a large boom sounded, and the inner atmosphere of Scrier’s making was clouded with the energy unleashed. For a moment, Jadeite pondered the wisdom of this action, realizing that if Scrier dies, the atmosphere dies with him, exposing the harsh vacuum of space. Reluctantly, he peers into the cloud, and is shocked to see Scrier’s huge glove shooting forth, and harshly grasping his neck.

          "You do not seem to understand," he began, "I am Scrier! I have lived for countless millennia! I have seen the earth grow and fade a thousand times! I am Scrier! I am above you petty definitions of deceit and trickery! I am Scrier! I am as far above your beloved Queen Beryl as she is above an anthill! Do not seek to attack me! For it was I who was the instrument of you salvation, just as it is I who can be the instrument of your destruction!"

          With that, the atmosphere dissipated, and Jadeite helplessly squirmed in the mighty one’s unflinching grip, as the air was leeched from his lungs, and the intense cold turned him immediately pale again. After what seemed like an eternity, just as Jadeite was on the verge of death, Scrier reformed the energy atmosphere, and allowed Jadeite to recover again.

          "I am not, however," he spoke, "without compassion. I will offer you a choice, Jadeite. You may return to your captivity in limbo. Or you can embrace Scrier as your new master! If you do so, you will become much more than you are now! You can become strong enough to do anything! Your power will be so great, even Queen Beryl would pall in comparison!"

          "And…And what would I do as your servant?," grunted, Jadeite, still grasping for precious air.

          "You will become my acolyte, Jadeite. You will learn of the utter futility of attempting to conquer the earth only once. You will become far above good and evil, so far that such things would mean nothing to you!"

          After a time, there is a period of silence, as Jadeite considers his options. He’ll do anything to stay out of the cursed crystal; yet he wants vengeance on the Sailor Scouts for defeating the Negaverse. After a time, Jadeite reaches his decision.

          "Yes, Scrier," he said with an almost smirk. "I’ll join you."

          "You have chosen well, Jadeite," Scrier stated, arms folded across his massive chest. "Now you must be tested, to see if you are ready for the rigors of discipleship."


          "I am a relatively compassionate being, and so will I bestow upon you a task you may enjoy. I hold an interest in the earth of your universe, and have plans for it far greater than any your Negaverse could have dreamed. Though such a task is easily performed personally, I prefer to walk among the shadows, and so your first task to prove your loyalty is a simple one. You will eliminate the Sailor Scouts, and make way for my arrival on the earth."

          "…But, how do I do that if they’re so powerful?," questioned Jadeite.

          "Ah, I see you are still unclear." Scrier raised his hands, and rested them on Jadeite’s shoulders.

          "Now do I bestow upon you power. Power to crush your enemies! Power to conquer! Power to rule! Power to use as you so choose in my service!"

          As these words are being spoken, Scrier’s entire body begins to glow with energy, and the air grows hot. Jadeite feels the stone-like grip on his shoulders release a surge of power into his body, into his mind. The sensation is exhilarating. The process doesn’t last long, but Jadeite doesn’t seem to mind. Soon, Scrier steps back, and views his new disciple.

          Before him stands Jadeite, fully healed, his uniform unchanged in design, but unscathed. He looks down at his own fists, now glowing vibrantly with power, and instinctively knows exactly what he is capable of.

          "Your uniform is unchanged," explained Scrier, "because the Sailor Scouts will recognize you, throwing their concentration off balance. You will then have an advantage." The atmosphere then again dissipated, and neither being was affected by the cold vacuum of space.

          "Go now, my disciple," Scrier gestures, as the same vortex appears before them. "This portal will take you where you need to be. You know what must be done. Be clever and be swift!"

          "Yes… my master," Jadeite gleefully sneered, flying headfirst into the portal, his mind focused only on the righteous vengeance at hand. And the portal flickered out of existence behind him, leaving Scrier to his thoughts again.

Continued in Chapter 2: The Test of Silver

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