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Chapter 4

The Silver
Imperial Surfer?

Written by Joshua Jones,
Edited by James Pedrick,
Art by Joshua Jones

Chapter 4 Pic"What manner of creature are you," asks the Silver Surfer, "that you would so callously strike children?!"

"That being…," Jadeite mutters to himself, "his power-it's incredible! That skin!…Is he… is he the Silver Crystal?!"

The Surfer mentally commands his faithful board to lower him to the earth's level, until he was just a few feet in the air. Energy flaring in his eyes, he pointed a single figure at the general. "You."

"I…I am Jadeite, disciple of Scrier!"

"So you are Jadeite?…Hold! Did you call the name of Scrier?," asks the Surfer, genuine shock in his blank eyes. "Explain."

Jadeite mustered all his strength to stare down his glimmering foe, "I was sent here to destroy these brats you protect, monster! This doesn't concern you! Leave and I will forget this happened!"

The Surfer glances behind him to see the forms of five young girls in colorful uniforms, pulling themselves wearily together through the damage to the Temple. "I cannot," he simply said, "I cannot turn my back on those who have need. For I am the sworn protector of the innocent, and guardian of life, all life."

"Who are you?"

"I am called the Silver Surfer."

"…It suits you."

"I think we have a misunderstanding, Jadeite," spoke the Surfer, "for you see, I myself have been summoned here at Scrier's insistence. I am here to preserve the planet Earth from you… Perhaps if we discuss our dilemma, we can find some way t-"

"-You're lying," shouted Jadeite, powering up his hands, "I know you are!"

With that, the general unleashed a power blast of equal size to his own body. The Surfer calmly stays his ground, and waves his hand across the beam as it approaches, effectively negating it. When Jadeite's line of vision returns through the haze of energy, he is shocked at what he sees.

"I-impossible! You canceled it out! No one is that powerful! It can't be!"

"Moreso, Jadeite, I am afraid it is. I sense Scrier's handiwork in you. Curious, why has he duped me like this? But that is a mystery for another time. Please, come with me peacefully, Jadeite, and I swear by the cosmos no harm will come to you. We will solve this mystery together."

Jadeite reviews his options. Will he let this Silver Surfer stand between him and his rightful vengeance? Will he turn himself in to the being and surrender? Should he stay and try to overcome him? In the end, Jadeite only has one option. This man's presence here changes everything. And with that in mind, he powers up, and streaks away with the speed of thought.

The Surfer almost immediately gives chase, and almost just as quickly stops himself. He turns back, gazing at the children hobble and limp across the battlefield. Turning back at Jadeite's energy signature reach the outer rim of the atmosphere, he swore. "There will be a reckoning, Jadeite, and I will learn the truth of Scrier's intentions this day."

He then turns his attention back to the Cherry Hill Temple, and begins assessing the situation.

Sailor Jupiter's eyes cannot open, the sunlight is far too bright, and her head is spinning. "Here," a voice called out from the darkness, "let me help you."

"Uhh," she grunted, feeling a warm, yet oddly textured hand wrap around her own as it gently pulled her to her feet. Upon gaining the strength to withstand the light, she's almost taken back a second time. "Thank y… whoa." She looks down at the hand, shining, glowing, reflecting her own battered and bruised form in its countenance.

"Is there a problem?," the Surfer asked, as Sailor Jupiter raised her head slowly, from his hand to his arm, and to his torso, and then to his head.


"I hope you do not mind," the Surfer said plainly, "you looked weakened, and so I gave you a slight infusion of energy just now, to speed your recovery."

"Umm… Thanks, I think."

"Gratitude must wait until we see to your compatriots. Come"

And the pair begin to tend to the other scouts. Sailor Jupiter helped Sailor Mars, who immediately rushed to the side of her grandpa and Chad. While the Surfer used his cosmic powers to heal the scouts, they themselves were unsure of this new ally.

"There," he said, "it is done; and now I suppose I should introduce myself. I am called the S-" "-WAY COOL!," shouted Sailor Moon with wonder in her eyes. "You look just like one of my favorite comic characters, accept I only read the issues in Rei's collection, which isn't as important as the fact that you saved us from that creep Jadeite, which you did in a totally cool way, by the way, we're the Sailor Scouts, who are you?"

"I… am the Silver Surfer…"

"… It suits you…"

While the Scouts watch the Surfer explain how he came here, two of them ponder the obvious. "Hey Mina," whispered Sailor Jupiter to her collegue, "did you notice this guy's naked?" "It doesn't seem to bother him any, so I won't ask," she replied.

"-And after confronting the false beings, I noticed a strange energy emanating from this point on the planet's surface. I was relieved to have come in time. What has transpired here?"

"What's that mean?," asked Sailor Moon. "It means he wants to hear our side of the story, Serena," answered Luna.

"Is that not what I asked, feline?," spoke the Surfer, paying no mind that that the cat could actually talk.

"Yes," Luna said, "our story is quite complicated. This may take a while."

Deep in space, Jadeite sits upon a large rock in the asteroid belt, pondering to himself. This new creature may be a problem. I don't know if I can stand against both him and the Scouts at the same time. I must return to Scrier.

With that, the general powered up and speeds to the other side of the moon. This is where Scrier brought me, so maybe this is the way back. Upon reaching the exact point where he emerged into this universe, a voice interrupted Jadeite's thoughts.

"SO! You plan to return in failure! Scrier will not allow it!"

"M-master? Master Scrier, please, this Silver creature is too great a threat! He slavishly protects those whom you would have me destroy! My powers may not be a match to overcome him! You must help me!"

"No," the ancient one spoke, "YOU must help yourself. That is the challenge of being my disciple. That is what you must learn here. You do not need to be more powerful, but more intelligent. The mind is far greater than you think, Jadeite, and when you realize this, your task will seem a simple one. Now go, you cannot return unless I will it so, and that will not be until you have fulfilled your mission!"

With that, the voice is gone, leaving Jadeite alone and confused again. Use my mind? He thought, How can I… oh, of course. Of COURSE! Those whiny Sailor brats and their shiny friend will never know what hit them!" And the general streaks back to earth, focused again on his righteous vengeance.

"I…see," said the Silver Surfer, inside the temple. While Rei saw to her grandpa and Chad's needs in the next room, the rest of the scouts converse with the Surfer, who is the only one standing. "So you are each the princess of your respective planets in this system some number of millennia long since gone, transported here by Queen Serenity of the Moon to escape the wrath of Queen Beryl of the Negaverse, a dark variation of this universe. And in this time your battle with the present Negaverse has since ended, with the defeat of Queen Beryl and this creature called the Doom Phantom. And so Jadeite is an old foe long thought destroyed? Is that all?"

"Um… Just about," said Luna. "And what about you? What's your story?"

"It is long and complicated, Luna, but I shall make the attempt. I was once a man known as Norrin Radd of the Utopia-like planet of Zenn-La, with my beloved Shalla Bal. There my life lacked meaning until the being known as Galactus, devourer of worlds came. The god requires the energy of living planets to satiate his never ending hunger. Knowing I cannot idly stand by and allow this to happen to my home, I sought Galactus, in a futile attempt to save my world. I offered that, in exchange for sparing my planet, I would offer him myself, my very being, to act as his herald. It would be my task to thusly seek out other worlds in his stead, and lead him through the universe in this never ending quest to end his hunger. Thusly agreed I was given a fraction of the power of Galactus, and was transformed into the Silver Surfer. As herald, I later came across a variation of the earth, upon which I learned I mustn't continue allowing Galactus to slay entire civilizations. I broke my ties with Galactus and have since sworn to protect all life, to atone for my past sins."

"Wow," said Serena, "so do you?"

"'do' what?"

"Surf, of course!"

"If you refer to gliding upon the surface of the chemical you know as water, I see no reason to. I do, however, 'surf' upon the back of the cosmic waves, letting myself flow through a universe of endless wonder and beauty, I-"

"-okay, okay," said Serena, "you could have just said 'no'"


">sigh< we need to work on your people skills."

"So," began Darien, ignoring the brief interlude, "you know how Jadeite has become more powerful then?"

"I have my suspicions, Tuxedo Mask, but no theories to as yet speak of."

"Hold on, you called me Tuxedo Mask… how do you know who I am? How do you know who any of us are?!"

"All beings emit a particular energy pattern," answered the Surfer, "and you in particular have very unique energies. But I see you concern is that of keeping your identities safe. Do not worry, my friends, I will tell no one of your secrets. I swear it."

"Hey Luna," whispers Artemis, "are you sure we can trust this guy?"

"He saved our lives, Artemis, you saw how scared Jadeite was when he saw him. I'm willing to trust him."

"Jadeite spoke of a creature known as Scrier," continued the Surfer, "a mysterious creature who boasts himself to be stronger than Galactus. It was he who told me that this universe was in need of my help. It was he who told me of the threat Jadeite presents, just as it was he who brought me here. It seems, now, that Scrier has a hidden agenda. Why would he put us in opposing positions, and to what avail?"

"And here I thought Serena talked to much," said Rei, now entering the room. "Grandpa and Chad are asleep, but they're okay."

"Good," said the surfer. "Then I suggest we leave."

"Where are we going," asked Mina.

"Hunting," the Surfer replied. "Hunting."

Continued in Chapter 5: Ami's Cosmic Adventure

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