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Written by Joshua Jones,
Edited by James Pedrick,
Art by Joshua Jones

Epilogue PicSpace; by all accounts, it is a timeless, trackless void. But high above the earth, the Silver Surfer sees it as all that and more. It is a both a place of wonder and majesty, and one of great mystery and danger. These thoughts and thousands of others pass through the Surfer’s mind, as he reaches outer orbit of the Earth. He’s just left from a great battle, and new forged friends. Perhaps he will once again meet the Sailor Scouts, and Ami.

But he has no time for this, he gazes down, looking at the man called Jadeite, who would have conquered the entire planet, were it not for the combined intervention of the Sailor Scouts and himself. Gazing down, the trapped man looks up, unable to speak, but the rage in his eyes speaks volumes. He almost won, victory was within his grasp, but his own pride found its way to his downfall.

The Surfer ponders the irony of power and corruption, slicing through the heavens with unfathomable speed, when a sudden energy vortex appears before him. So sudden is its arrival, that he has no time to avoid it, uncontrollably plunging into its core. The energy signature, the Surfer thinks, I recognize it…. Scrier!

Scrier! The Surfer can hardly stand the wait here in between dimensions before he can confront the being. He appeared before both Jadeite and the himself, sending them to fight one another, needlessly risking an entire world, for what purpose? He’ll soon know.

The vortex disappears, revealing the Surfer’s comfort in recognizing the stars—each and every one of them—though they were identical in the previous reality. In short, it was good to be home. The Surfer’s comfort was short lived, however, he looked about him, and discovered the ancient one himself in the Surfer’s presence.

"Scrier!," he angrily called, "Explain!"

"Calm yourself, Silver Surfer," the being responded, hiding any expression beneath a golden mask. He looks down at the Surfer’s board, finding the trapped form of Jadeite, who is amazed to look up and see his master. "I see you have successfully defeated the evil Jadeite, and spared this—"

"Do NOT patronize me with lies, Scrier! I seek answers! This man claimed to be your disciple! If this is true, why does he claim you sent him to destroy the Earth?! Why did you even bother sending me to battle him?! Why—"

"—First things first, Norrin Radd."

Scrier looks at the Surfer’s board again, and the body of its silent prisoner slowly and helplessly rises out of it. Once Jadeite’s body is completely separated from the board, he turns to face his Savior.

"Scrier," he said, "I can’t believe the Surfer was r—"

"Silence!," the ancient one commanded, "you have failed me, Jadeite! I sent you to perform one simple task, even gave you the power to ensure victory, and you failed! You are obviously unfit to possess the power granted to you!"

With a gesture, Jadeite immediately reels in pain, as his body starts to glow with power. The glow diminishes around his form, and returns to Scrier, its true master.

"Scrier," the Surfer cried in shock, "what are you doing to him?!"

"Simply punishing him for having failed, Surfer. Be grateful I was so lenient when you denied your service to me!"

Powerless again, Jadeite realizes as soon as he feels it, that he cannot survive in the harsh vacuum of space. Sensing his plight, the Surfer immediately attempts to form an oxygen barrier to spare him, but is unable to. Scrier’s own energy barrier around the disciple has ensured that.

"Because of your ignorance in battle and in mind, Jadeite, general of Queen Beryl of the Negaverse…"

"Scrier, no! Please!…"

"… I cast you into that which you were before!"

With a clench of his fist, the dome surrounding Jadeite caves in, solidifying, and forming a purple crystal. He is now frozen at its center, as he was before.

"Scrier," hushed the Surfer in shock.

"And now I cast you where you belong: ETERNAL LIMBO!"

Another vortex appears, and Scrier fiercely clasps the side of the crystal, and physically hurls it into the portal, closing it before the Surfer can react. There is a moment of silence, and then the ancient one turns his attention to the Silver Surfer.

"I simply returned him to the state in which he was before this incident, Surfer. You needn’t worry for his safety."

"But you lied to me," he responded, not really sure of his words when they’re being spoken.

"No, I did not. I came to Jadeite and offered him power in my service. He accepted my gifts, unlike you. Jadeite truly did indeed wish to serve me, but he subconsciously planned to betray me, and destroy the planet Earth in his vengeful wake. He truly was evil, Surfer, he truly did present a dire threat to the entire multiverse, and you defeated him, saving all of creation. I simply chose not to say that it was I who employed his service, so you see, Silver Surfer, what I told you was true."

The Surfer now raises a slightly confused eye to the being, uncertain of how to answer him.

"Then why did you even bother with this little episode, Scrier?"

"That is not for you to know, Surfer. Suffice it to say that you performed excellently, and your work here is completed."

He begins to form a vortex, when the Surfer stops him.

"Wait! You aren’t going to leave me, Scrier! Not until I understand—"

The Surfer’s words are cut off, as Scrier simply gestures, and the Surfer disappears.

Galaxies away, a vortex appears, revealing the Surfer’s body.

"—what you have… by the cosmos! I have been sent across the Universe! Scrier has teleported me away from him. It seems he no longer wishes to speak with me. Curious; I do not recognize any of these stars, not a single one. Scrier has sent me to an unknown system! Curse me for a fool! I rue the day I met such a being! Now I have no way of direction to return to the Earth, or to even Alicia!"

The Surfer, in his rage, plunges into the heart of a nearby star, allowing its radiant heat to give form and function to his own frustration. Once he is relieved, he leaves, wondering aimlessly through this unknown place.

"There is one reward my struggles have presented this day," he mused, "for I am now simply faced with the joy of discovery! An entire galaxy, ripe for the finding! If I cannot be with my beloved Alicia, at least I can take solace in knowing that there is a universe lurking to be found! Let it be known this day that Scrier has only succeeded in strengthening my zeal to explore the vastness of creation. And, as always, I must seek without companionship. For where soars the Silver Surfer…THERE MUST HE SORE ALONE!!"

High above Earth’s orbit, the ancient one muses.

"No one save Scrier truly realizes what has transpired this day. The Surfer has returned to a life of discovery, and will soon forget these events. Jadeite will remember nothing of his journeys as well. But these Sailor Scouts. They intrigue me. I will allow them to remember this excursion, knowing not to put too much faith in their own power. For I may find need of their powers. Indeed, if I am to have every planet in the multiverse, I must know everything there is to know about the champions of each variation of this planet."

With a gesture, vortex appears, as Scrier passes through. The portal closes behind him.

And all was is it was before.

The End... for now!

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