Elders Quest

Alex Soto, who is also known by his alias Mystic, writes this fan fiction sequel to the classic Thanos Quest, the mini-series by Jim Starlin which led into the Infinity Gauntlet mini-series and gave Thanos control of the Infinity Gems.  This new 13-part fan fiction series features the Elders seeking revenge against the Mad Titan for what he did then.

Prologue (Added 11/03/99)

Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 (added 11/14/99)

Chapter 3 (added 11/24/99)

Chapter 4 (added 12/06/99)

Chapter 5 (added 12/13/99)

Chapter 6 (Added 12/23/99)

Chapter 7 (Added 01/16/00)

Chapter 8 (Added 01/23/00)

Chapter 9 (Added 02/07/00)

Chapter 10 (Added 02/21/00)

Chapter 11 (Added 02/29/00)

Chapter 12 (Added 03/13/00)

Chaprer 13 (Added 03/30/00)

All 13 Chapters in One Black & White Document

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