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Elder's Quest
Chapter 1: Prized Theft

A golden haze flew over Monster Isle quickly landing upon a castle structure resembling a porch, located almost at the back center. Adam Warlock walked into the Infinity Watch's old headquarters immediately knowing something was wrong. He had sensed there was a problem with his now abandoned home base and without hesitation, had immediately come. How could he have been so foolish as to leave such a thing behind?

The dark hallways reminded him of the days before the Infinity Watch had disbanded. His memory shifted suddenly to Maya and how she had came to him here - requesting help. Due to a magical love potion, he would always love that woman no matter how much he fought it. Someday, he would find a way to break that spell. For now, he had more important things to worry about though.

Walking into his old room told the entire story. The room had been ransacked, and the hidden vault behind the far wall had been blown. There, his second prized possession, the Eternal Orb, had been stolen. Looking around, Warlock found no clues. The assailant could have been undoubtedly anyone. Adam slumped on a chair beside him. What would he do now? Across the room, his old staff reflected light from the window onto his eye catching his attention. Warlock rose and grabbed his staff as though it were an old friend. "It is useless to sit around and wallow in self pity," he thought. With a majestic handle on the staff, Warlock walked over to the balcony. There was nothing else for him here and he knew it. Without a second thought, Warlock took to the air leaving his old home behind…like he had done so many times before.

 Elder's Quest
2: A Call For Revenge

The crowd gathered around. A summons such as this had not been issued in quite some time. The elite group conferred with each other on what the possible reasons could be. Was there something that threatened them? In the past, this had been one of the few things that had united them. Rampant speculation abounded. Some thought that the end of their existence was near; that after having lived so long, the end was finally coming. Others dismissed such thoughts and imagined this to be a meeting of no actual importance. Their questions were about to be answered as their leader stepped up to the podium and raised his hand to request silence.

"My fellow Elders," the Grandmaster began, "there has been a hideous crime committed toward us." The words echoed from the podium resounding across the vast desolate area. "Both myself and the Gardener, along with a handful of us have been wronged! The Elders’ name and title have been diminished by a vile creature...and this creature's name is Thanos!"

The crowd broke out in whispered talks. Everyone had heard of Thanos’ triumph over them to acquire the Infinity gems. It was a loss that had marred their long existence record. Never had the Elders been humiliated in such a collective fashion. It was a shaming each Elder knew, but rarely talked about. Now it appeared retribution might be at hand. It was an excitement few Elders could contain.

"I have a plan," the Grandmaster continued, raising his hand to quiet the crowd. "One that will not only give us our respect back," he paused to add emphasis to his words, "but will also gain us revenge on the foul Titan!" This time his words rose an extra pitch and with a frown on his face he continued, pausing almost after each word, "The Elders shall be revered once again as the dominating collective in the Universe!"

The crowd cheered. It would not take much inspiring to convince these Elders to follow their leader. The obsession of each Elder included some form of arrogance. And each of them, in one way or another, had been scorned by Thanos' triumph over their kind. They would welcome a defeat of the Titan by their hands over anything else. And as was their nature, they would be willing to go to extremes to accomplish this.

"I will select individuals who will assist me in this endeavor," the Grandmaster said calming his voice down. "When we are done," he paused looking over the assembled mass in front of him, "the Universe will fear our name once again!"

An explosion of cheers erupted from the crowd as he walked away from the podium. The Grandmaster was their leader, not because he had used any force, but because he had been elected their leader. He was their leader because they believed in him. For quite a few minutes, the crowd continued to cheer at decibel deafening levels. Afterward, they would go back to their previous occupation, wait, and hope that they were one of the ones selected in their quest to humble the nihilist. Thanos would regret having crossed paths with the Elders.

Continued in Elders Quest Chapter 3

Now be sure to read Elders Quest Chapter 3.  And if you aren't sure exactly why the elders would want to punish Thanos, then be sure to read our review of Marvel's Thanos Quest mini-series at the Silver Surfer Website... Now leave us your comments and suggestions below.

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