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Branson writes concerning Cosmic Union: "Very, very good!"

We are happy you think so! We respond to every comment, so make your feelings known! - Morfex

Daniel Gordon writes concerning Super Skrull: "I believe that every story should have some repercussions and hopefully we'll see some in future issues of CPU regarding the God-Stalker. For the record can someone tell me the last true Marvel appearances of both the SS and the G-S?"

The God-Stalker will probably return in December, Daniel, in a story entitled: "Who Judges the Judges?" I believe the last appearance of SS was GTD #4, G-S was probably Captain Marvel (Genis, by Fabian Nicieza) Vol. 2, #2 or 4. - Morfex

Branson writes concerning Powers Cosmic: "Excellent!"

We enjoyed writing it, but knowing people enjoyed reading it gives us twice the pleasure. - Morfex

Daniel Gordon writes concerning Super Skrull: "The Union is getting better by the day. Was the Super-Skrull story set in the Unionverse?"

Absolutely. Repercussions will begin to surface soon… - Morfex

Daniel Gordon writes concerning Star Masters: "Star Masters #1 was awesome. It will be interesting to see the interaction of all of these cosmic beings. It will probably be like Star Trek with superpowers. Keep up the good work."

"Star Trek with superpowers." That's one of the nicest compliments I've received so far! Thanks, Daniel! - Morfex

kron writes concerning Obliterator: "nice and thought provoking but where are you going with this?????"

The story can stand alone, but does serve to revitalize a character often ridiculed for his visual design. Like the Grinner story, this tale will have repercussions in the ongoing post-Cosmic Union series. Read Star Masters #1 & 2 for appearances by the new Obliterator. - Morfex

Daniel Gordon writes concerning Cosmic Union: "Good work on another exciting chapter. The fourth part of the Cosmic Union was great. I have one question. Being behind 3 years in comic book collecting really sucks. Is Starhawk truly the son of Quasar and Kismet or was that added to the Unionverse storyline?"

In Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy #60, I believe, Starhawk learns that his true parents are Quasar and Kismet. Using the pod story from Quasar issues was a fan fic twist to explain it, - Morfex

Daniel Gordon writes concerning Powers Cosmic: "Power Cosmic#1 is great. Are you saying the Surfer has also been restored to his original form? It was kinda cool that you did not mention this until this segment of the Unionverse came out. Keep it up!"

Yes, Norrin Radd inhabits his original body for the first time since Galactus created the Silver Surfer. For centuries he has been traveling in a non-organic body composed entirely of solid Power Cosmic. This was in honor of Kirby's initial vision of the character, as well as a simple and consistent means of bringing back the original form of Air Walker and Nova. Finally, Galactus intended to spare his heralds… the Hunger. - Morfex

Daniel Gordon writes concerning Star Masters: "I just finished Star Masters #2 and I loved the way you have three to five things going on at the same time. What happened the Guardians of the Galaxy? I can't wait to find out."

That's my favorite part about writing the Star Masters, juggling plot lines in the air. Stay tuned for the fate of the Guardians in Star Masters #3, coming in CPU #9 or 10… How about a sneak peek for the reader who can guess who is on the ship. Drax stated who is not… - Morfex

daniel gordon writes concerning Timeless: I love the Timeless!! Mostly due to the uses of forgotten and unexpected characters. I cant wait to read more!"

Thanks Daniel, my curiosity has always been piqued by the more obscure characters populating the Marvel Universe. Expect to see more of their variety in the future. --Azmodi

daniel gordon writes concerning Obliterator: "The stage for Star Masters has
be set in Obliterator Reborn. As all of the stories in CPU this was very
good. When was the last real time appearance of the Obliterator in the
comic world?"

I believe the Obliterator last appeared in Silver Surfer #5, or somewhere
thereabouts... Check it out for yourself - great story. --Azmodi

daniel gordon writes concerning Timeless: "Timeless#3 is another success.
Zakarro is going to be in big trouble messing with Epoch's crew. Cant wait
to see what happens."

Hopefully the conclusion hasn't disappointed you Daniel - Zarrko had no
idea who he was trifling with. --Azmodi

Matthew Campbell writes concerning A Mirror For Mantra:
    'A Mirror for Mantra: CH1' didn't feel like chapter one of a multi-part story, it felt like a single shot piece focusing on Lukasz's emotions and thoughts as he goes about the routine of what has become his daily life.
    That's not a _bad_ thing, mind. It was a very good one-shot, and made me interested in reading more about the character. It just didn't have any plot hooks that would logically lead to a chapter 2.
    Now Mantra is a somewhat obscure character, as you'll have to agree. Prior to reading this story, all I knew was the basic premise of an ancient male warrior trapped in a woman's body. And while this fanfiction stuff is obviously for fans, you can't be sure that the typical Marvel reader who visits this site will even know as much as I did about Mantra.
    Which, to sum up, simply means that I would have liked it if you could have done a bit more of an info dump. Why doesn't Lukasz know how to use his/her magic, what he was before he became trapped in Barbara Eden's body, that sort of thing. You actually a a somewhat okay job of this, answering a lot of my question, and I can only hope that future chapters also work to "bring up to speed" those of us who didn't read the series.
    By the way, I have to commend the author for not trying to toss an obligatory battle into the first chapter. I'm sure there'll be plenty of conflict and fighting as the series progresses, but it was rather refreshing to start off with a character study. And the writing was a lot better that what in other CPU stories.
    I'll be interested to find out what sort of mission Lukasz pursues now, or even if he has a mission at all. And (I'm sure this question was addressed in the series, but I didn't read the series) is "Barbara" going to start hanging out in lesbian coffee houses, or what?
    Intriguing questions. Well, until Thanos scores with Death, make mine Cosmic Powers Unlimited!

    I see your letter as basically positive and encouraging.  Thanks.  But I think you're missing the point about Chapter One.   It is the grief and longing demonstrated in this chapter that causes Mantra's leap between universes. (I prefer to leave some plot points implicit instead of explicit). Remember her faithful thought when she leaps into the wormhole: "If only Eden hadn't died...."  I'm postulating that Mantra's powers are wish-sensitive; she longs to be with Eden, so her powers route her to a parallel world where Eden still lives.   The chapter also is important in setting Mantra's mood which brings forth her longing with such power; Vahdala was the place where Eden and Lukasz had seemed to achieve their hearts' desire, to be alive in separate bodies, male and female.  The cruel crash of that hope comes back to Mantra very strongly when she revisited the place.   Anyway, to do my wormhole trick, it was logical to begin with Mantra had to make a leap through one, as the end of #22 would have required.
    Thanks for the thumbs-up.  I see Mantra is as one of the most 3-D characters ever presented in comic form.  It is the character and not Mantra's bruising battles that appealed to her fans.  It's also the way I approach a comic character. I'm a guy who thinks that Clark Kent is much more interesting that Superman.   The Kryptonian *is* Clark Kent; Superman is just a role he plays.  If we don't understand Clark Kent we know nothing worth knowing about Superman.
    Is Mantra an obscure character?  From the info I have received from people working at Malibu MANTRA sold in the top three of Malibu comics, keeping over 25,000 issues a month (any less and Malibu used to cancel).  That is pretty acceptable for a comic, although I grant you there are many more than 25,000 comic readers in the USA. (The total number is shrinking, tho; nowadays comic companies are grateful to get 20,000 sales per ish for their product.)  If we leave quantity for the greed-meisters and number-cruchers who care about it and talk instead about sheer quality, nothing compares with Mantra, or, indeed, with the whole UV line. 
As for reader familiarity with Mantra, well, what did the same hypothetical Marvel fan know about James Bond before he saw his first movie?  A person has to start somewhere.  I believe "Mirror? tells enough about Mantra to understand her situation, and the situation becomes even clear as more of the story becomes available.   Alas, I didn't originally write it as a serial but as a novellet to be posted whole, and so the effect that serialization lends is a little different that intended.
    I didn't want to do an infodump because that would hurt the structure of the story.  Besides, how much infodumping will a reader get if he starts to read Spider-Man today for the first time?  He can either read back issues or go to a Spider-Man web site.  The same is true for Mantra.  The "Mantraverse" site provides the necessary background. (I recommend Mantraverse highly, even though I have no role in its creation... it is located at  When my own web site is ready next year I will also provide summary material of Mantra's origin and powers for the convenience of visitors.
    Lukasz's goal?  What role does any comic character have except to try to make a difference in a lousy and dangerous world?  Besides, that, Eden wants to find personal happiness (against the odds, considering) and do the best for those people who directly depend upon her.  The story of Mantra is really about about becoming a better, warmer human being and a good parent, the balancing of adventure with the pleasures of the simple things.  (Mike Barr is to recommended for presenting a super hero for whom family is not just a bland backdrop).
    "Barbara Eden?"  Eden Blake is a good more serious-minded than "Jeanie," if less powerful. As for lebian coffee houses, that remains to be seen.  Mantra became a woman long before Lukasz recognized that fact.  She could very easily go hetero, like Star Trek DS9's Dax did (on second thought, nothing comes easy to Mantra; that's why her fans care about her so much).   But whatever route she takes to love and bliss (or considering Mantra's luck, to more pain and suffering) it should take a logical course as she experiences life as she now must live and evolves to cope
    As for the typical Marvel reader, it is Marvel's own fault that more of its readers don't know much about Mantra.  Marvel had every opportunity to publicize her and make her a star in their cloudy sky but did nothing. Instead, despite her popularity with Malibu's staff and readership, they ordered the killing of her character from virtually the first day over protest.  How odd then, that the character who wasn't "good enough" for Marvel today is the Malibu character fans remember best and which has the most active fandom.
    Great letter, Matthew.  Let us know your reaction to the progressing story. --C.D. Lee

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