Click here for larger copy of image!Welcome to our special issue #0 edition of Cosmic Powers Unlimited, the fan fiction fanzine for new cosmic adventures weekly.

If you’re unfamiliar with what Cosmic Powers Unlimited is, then this will be a great starting point. (Click here to see a special introduction to what Cosmic Powers Unlimited is.)

This will also be an awesome issue for those of you already acquainted with Cosmic Powers Unlimited, because we will be introducing three new CPU titles… as well as presenting special preludes to two of our already existent CPU issues.

Our issue #0 special also features a dynamic new cover created by Lord Thanos, who has helped us a lot at Cosmic Powers with designing many of our covers and logos in the past (including the Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group and Cosmic Powers Unlimited logos!). Be sure to click on the cover to see a full version of it and to leave him your comments.

The new storylines we are premiering with this issue are: Captain Marvel - Confrontations by Seth Richards, Elders Quest by Mystic (co-writer of The Cosmic Union), and Foundations Forged Before Nightfall the sequel to the now classic Twilight War by Azmodi.

We are also bringing you special prelude editions of The Cosmic Union, the saga that we have been and will continue to be publishing weekly in Cosmic Powers Unlimited, and The Powers Cosmic, one of our many Protectors of the Universe titles from Cosmic Powers Unlimited. These preludes will be great beginning points for new readers, as well as good reads for our regular visitors!

For more information on these stories, see below… and be sure to leave comments after reading each issue!

Thanks, and enjoy!

In this issue...


This prelude features the return of the original Captain Marvel and will continue into our new, upcoming Captain Marvel title!  But how will the legendary Captain Marvel return from the dead?!  And what role do Eternity and Death play in it?!   You'll have to read this chapter to find out!
~Click here to go to Captain Marvel #0~

It's the beginning of a new saga at Cosmic Powers, written by Mystic, co-author of The Cosmic Union.  This small prelude sets the stage, as the Elders seek revenge against Thanos for his actions in Marvel's 1992 mini-series Thanos Quest.
~Click here to go to Elders Quest #0~


At long last, the sequel to Azmodi's The Twilight War, last year's fan fiction epic, which we are still getting comments about.  Find out what this new saga will be about and why you won't want to miss out on it by reading this new prelude to it, which features the Prince of Darkness, Mephisto!
~Click here to go to the prologue of Foundations Forged Before Nightfall~
~Click here to go to the now classic Twilight War~


How did Thanos unite his team of villains seen in the ongoing cosmic saga, The Cosmic Union?  Find out in this special prelude edition, written by Morfex, Anomaly, and Azmodi.  This will also serve as an excellent chance for new visitors to jump on board.
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Why did Galactus choose Norrin Radd to be his herald?  Why did he choose to have a herald at all?  And what did Galactus lose by taking on an apprentice?  Find out in this special edition of Powers Cosmic, featuring Galactus, the Silver Surfer of past and future, and every major cosmic being you can imagine!
~Click here to go to Powers Cosmic #0~
~Click here to go to the Protectors of the Universe Archive Page~

We've got some of our favorite comments from you, the readers... and we've finally named our letter column as well!  Come check out the feedback and our new column title... and please be sure you leave our authors your comments at the end of every story you read. Thanks!
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