And the name of our new letter column is... SPATIAL DELIVERIES!  Penned by our very own Morfex, writer from The Cosmic Union and several of our Protectors of the Universe teams, who also penned the name for the upcoming letter column in Marvel's Galactus: The Devourer!  And now... for some spatial deliveries from past visitors to the fanzine.  Since this is an issue #0 special, we've decided to pick some of our favorite comments, instead of focusing on a specific issue.

I'm Alex Maggi, I use to write in the MV1 and other fanfic group. I edit also one of MV1's
Branches. But this is not the reason why I'm mailing you.
I've been following the Cosmic Power Fanfic Group for quite some time now, even though I've always lurked. But I wanted to tell you that the last twist in the group (the CPU fanzine) is really a great idea!!
The site is well-done and the stories are intriguing. Cosmic stuff is my second love after mystic stuff and I have thought many times about proposing you a story or such, but so far I've been put off by the lack of a continuity between titles, that's a great portion of fun in my fanfic ... but now that the Cosmic Union has brought a shared fanfic ... who knows?
Only thing I'm too full of commitments now so maybe that could just be wishful thinking for a while. Still I wanted to compliment to you and the whole staff and I'll keep checking the new issues ... maybe I'll find the time to write some review, but don't count on that soon, I'm pretty busy these days.
Keep up the good job :)
Alex Maggi

Thanks, Alex!  We always appreciate comments... we also love new additions to the staff, so if you ever get some extra time on your hands, remember us! --James

TMV King writes concerning CPU:
All the stories are great but when are we going to see a part 2 to the Super Skrull story?

Funny you should mention that, TMV. We are planning the next chapter of the ongoing epic we had to call: "Who Judges the Judges?" (Thanks, Azmodi.) Watch for it in the next few issues of CPU! --Morfex

Daniel Gordon writes concerning Red-Rooter: The Red Rooter story was funny. I
also forgot about this character until I read the story. I cant wait to read

Thanks for the kind words, Daniel, but I don't know if you'll see any more of the Rooter. There aren't a whole lot of story I can do about sewer systems in the Comic Universe. But, you can check out my Drunk Thanos stories for more comic parody which everyone seems to enjoy. --Grim (Note: Look for the next edition of the Drunk Thanos on November 21st!)

DOUG MASCARO writes concerning the first issue of the Cosmic Powers Unlimited fanzine:
I think this site is fantastic! I have always been a huge fan of cosmic marvel.  My favorite character is Captain Marvel ever since Jim Starlin wrote him back in the 70's. Also, I am very angry that there is a new Warlock series, but it is not THE one true Warlock. We the cosmic fans know that more cosmic titles are needed but it is just not happening. This seems like a good outlet to read cosmic marvel stories and I will check in often. Thanks.

Well, Doug, Capain Marvel is back!  Check out the new #0 issue by Seth Richards and tell us what you think!  And thank you!  --James

Daniel Gordon writes concerning the Cosmic Union:
I just got finished reading The Cosmic Union part one and I thought it was excellent. I can't wait to see how the cosmic villains really work together. How did they gather? Perhaps this will be explained in future issues.

Read Cosmic Union #0 in this issue! --James

Will writes concerning JLA/Galactus (and the fan fiction classic, The Twilight War):
I just read the JLA/Galactus part 1 and 2 and they are great! By the way, The Twillight War was almost as good, if not better than The Infinity Gauntlet!

Glad you liked DJ Ferris's JLA/Galactus crossover... he's now working on a new project with the JLA, but I can't say more than that.  As for the Twilight War, check out Azmodi's sequel to it, Foundations Forged Before Nightfall, which begins in this issue! --James

Now, please send us your feedback... it's what keeps us going!

To all of you who wrote in, thanks!  To all of you who didn't... shame on you!  But you can make it up by sending us your comments below.

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