Click here for larger copy of image!Welcome to issue #8 of Cosmic Powers Unlimited.

Cosmic Powers Unlimited is a weekly/biweekly fanzine dedicated to the cosmic characters of comic books, primarily in the Marvel Universe.

This week, we are proud to present the beginning of a new fan fiction storyline titled Elders Quest, by Cosmic Union co-writer Mystic.  Elders Quest is a fanfic sequel to the cosmic classic Thanos Quest, the story in which Thanos stole the Infinity Gems from the Elders of the Universe.   This sequel features the Elders, as they seek their revenge against the Mad Titan.

This week also features new installments of The Cosmic Union, Tales of the Timeless, the Spinsterhood, and A Mirror For Mantra, a fan fiction based on Ultraverse's Mantra!

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In this issue...


It is a time of reunions and revelations as the heroes begin to piece together the puzzle that is the Cosmic Union. Also, all is not as it seems as Mephisto and his demonic allies confer over the path their future will take.
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"Universal Truths, Part Two: Infiltrators"

The Spinsters go undercover to learn the inner workings of the Universal Church of Truth. Gamora begins a descent into the depths of her criminal past, but will she be able to resist its temptation? Moondragon takes ten steps backward to earn one step forward, and Kismet undergoes an ominous transformation. All in the name of Protecting the Universe.
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"The Cold Dominion of the Masked Specter"

Coming out of their recent victory over Zarrko, The Timeless team of Nathaniel Richards, Doom 2099, Century, Ripjak, Justice Peace and Death's Head unite and travel through time again on to their next mission in Part One of "The Cold Dominion of the Masked Specter."
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It is the beginning of a new saga at Cosmic Powers, written by Mystic, co-author of The Cosmic Union.  These first chapters set the groundwork for this new storyline, as the Elders choose a leader in their quest for revenge against Thanos.  Also starring Adam Warlock!
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A Mirror For Mantra continues, as Mantra of the Ultraverse finds herself in another reality, but with some very familiar faces.  A great read for fans of Mantra and the Ultraverse, as well as new comers.
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This week's cover at Cosmic Powers Unlimited is brought to you by Lord Thanos, Marvelite, and Corvus.  The Grand Master image was created by Lord Thanos and the left hand corner images is of White Raven created by Corvus.  The cover was put together by Marvelite using Lord Thanos' cover format and CPU logo.
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