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This week we have a special cover by Rai, as she brings us her version of Supergirl, who stars in Chapter 5 of Supergirl: The Resurrection by Dylan Clearbrook. Look for more covers by Rai, and other artists in our growing art department, in future issues. On issue #10’s cover, Matt Hamilton will give us his rendition of Adam Warlock and the Midnight Sun. As always, you can click on the cover for a larger version and a chance to leave comments to its creator.

We have a lot of other exciting projects coming to Cosmic Powers. Next month, besides our regular issues, we will be bringing you a special giant-sized holiday edition of CPU with issue #12… then in early January, we will have a giant-sized Cosmic Powers Unlimited 2000 to celebrate the new year! We’ll give you more details about those projects in the near future.

But for now, check out this week’s new issues of The Cosmic Union, Star Masters, Tales of the Timeless, Supergirl: The Resurrection, Elders Quest, and Drunk Thanos.

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In this issue...


In this week's segment of Cosmic Union, old allies reunite and new enemies are earned. Quasar succeeds in rescuing Epoch, but at what cost to Captain Marvel? Galactus reveals the fate of Tyrant to Warlock and Doctor Strange.
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In this issue, Adam Warlock joins the Star Masters' exploration of Thanos' lair; Beta Ray Bill is still reeling from the implications of his deal with Death; and the Guardians of the Galaxy awaken!
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"The Cold Dominion of the Masked Specter"

"The Cold Dominion of the Masked Specter"
continues!  In this edition, Kang the Conqueror forms a new alliance to take on the time-traveling team of Nathaniel Richards, Doom 2099, Century, Ripjak, Justice Peace and Death's Head.
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Let the games begin!  Mystic's 13-part saga continues.  This chapter features Thanos, as the Grand Master offers him a challenge in his quest for revenge against the Mad Titan for when he stole the Infinity Gems from the other Elders and himself.
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Supergirl: The Resurrection comes close to an end in this fifth chapter of six.  In this edition, Dr. Strange investigates to find the cause of Supergirl's resurrection, and Supergirl finds a new friend in Rogue.
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Thanos is at it again and drunker than ever, as he returns to his favorite bar to take on Spacedout.  Be sure to check out this hilarious battle brought to you by your favorite parody writer, Grim!  The end of this issue also has information on how to obtain uncut editions of Drunk Thanos!
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We have got some of your comments from past stories of Cosmic Powers Unlimited!  This week's letters are comments on Supergirl: The Resurrection and the Drunk Thanos stories, so go check them out... and please be sure you leave our authors your comments at the end of every story you read or by e-mailing cpufeedback@yahoo.comThanks!
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This week's cover at Cosmic Powers Unlimited is brought to you by Rai, and features Supergirl and the Silver Surfer!  The logo and format was designed by Lord Thanos.
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