Drunk Thanos #3

Written by Grim and edited by Marvelite
Published by the Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group in

Characters are parodies based off characters of Marvel Comics
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"Aw, jeeze, he’s back again. Mr. Thanos, I’m sorry but your still banned from the bar."

"Quiet human! Thanos goes where he wishes!"

"Have you been hitting the bottle already today, Mr. Thanos?"

"No, Human, I haven’t hit any bottles… I’ve… uhhh…joined… AA…"

"Well, good for you, Mr. Thanos. Here let me get you a coke."

"No, Human. I’m not supposed to be in here… I just came in looking for someone."

"Who ya lookin’ for, Mr, Thanos. Maybe I could help ya? All the regulars are here. There’s Jimmy in the corner, Mike and Ames at the end of the bar and over by the pool table, that’s Spacedout."

"That is the human that I’m seeking." Walks over to the pool table. "Human, are you named ‘Spacedout’?"

"Uhhhhhh, yes, uhhhhh that’s what they call me. Dang, your bigger than I thought."

"I have a message from a friend of mine. His nickname and my demeanor are the same… Grim!" He told me about you suggesting where he puts things. He asked me to inform you that he doesn’t put things THERE and he asked me to inform you that when he wants your opinion, I’ll beat it out of you!!!"

"Is that so, you big, purple has-been?" swings pool stick up between Thanos’ legs.

"Ouffff!, Should’da worn my cup. NOW, human, You will feel my wrath!"

"You’ll be feeling that in the morning." Ducks as Thanos’ eye beams blow up the eight ball. "Maybe I’d better get out of here. He ain’t drunk now. And in the future I’d better not make any suggestions to Grim on where to put things." High-tails it out of the bar.

"Human," says Thanos in a high, squeeky voice, "Maybe I’ll take you up on that coke. But don’t put anything in it. My mistress said that if I come home drunk, it’d be the death of me. Again."

"Mr. Thanos, Ya sure showed him, didn’t ya? I’m gonna have to ask you to pay for that eight ball, though."

I warned you not to make me put you in the bar with Thanos!!!! Look for more Drunk Thanos stories in the future, and chat with Grim every Tuesday at 9:00 PM EST in the Cosmic Powers Chat Room, along with other cosmic fans!  Now... please leave us comments below!

Also, the author has written versions of the Drunk Thanos series which is more suitable for mature teens/adults.  If you are interested in obtaining copies of these versions, please state so below along with your name and e-mail address.

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