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Daniel gordon writes concerning Supergirl: "Part two of the Supergirl story is very good. I wonder if anyone in the DCU is aware of her presence and   plans on her retrival."

Daniel, Thanks for the comment. I really can't say to much about what will happen in the future other than to say there will be "some" cross over, but as time wears on, I plan on making those less frequent as Kara makes her new life in Cosmic Powers. I think, however, by the time you get to the end of "The Resurrection" you will be pleasantly surprised. --Dylan

Daniel Gordon writes concerning Supergirl: "Not being knowledgeable of the DCU I am safe to assume that this Supergirl is the clone of the one that died during the Crisis of Infinite Worlds storyline and has no connection to the current Supergirl? The story is very good. I cant wait to read the next part."

Daniel, You are correct. if you were ever a SG fan you will remember the story of the little clones. SG, with the help of Superman, combined them into one single entity, exposed her to Yellow K and then sent her off to start her new life. She is a clone of Kara Zor-El, therefore, not connected with the current incarnation. I revived her simply because I was a fan of Kara <grin>.--Dylan

Eric Martin writes concerning Supergirl: "Back in the days when I was a young boy in the 80's I used to read alot of DC comics...when variant characters started to spring up in both of the universes (Marvel and DC) I really didn't care too much for them because I felt that they were cheapining the original that they were patterned after...So when I read this story I found my self with a different view of supergirl...she is now becoming a sturdy character and worthy of attention. I really applaud all the people involved in taking supergirl to the next level..."

Eric, thanks for the comments (though I really have to share credit with Grim because he proofreads all everything before even the guys at Cosmic Powers see it and corrects me when I make a major Marvel goof and with the guys at CPU for being willing to publish the stories)
There were many that believed that SG was merely a cheap rip off of Superman and, in a way, she was. She was meant to be the bait to lure in young female readers. Yet, she took off on her own in at least 3 different runs (not counting her runs in Superman Family or her stints with the Legion of Super Heroes).
It is my goal to write good stories about Kara (and her team'll have to read the next stories to find out about that) that show her not as a mere female superman, but rather as a woman with a tremendous gift and responsibility along with all the fears and worries that go along with it. In short, I want to show her as being want to keep taking her to "that next level". And I believe here, in
CPU, I can do just that. --Dylan

daniel gordon writes concerning Drunk Thanos: "Once again your comedy knows no bounds! Drunk Thanos #1 was hilarious! Marvel could take some notes from you guys! What the?! would never be the same! "

Thanks for the kind words, Daniel! There's more (And hopefully funnier!) on the way! --Grim

Joshua Wiebe writes concerning CPU and Drunk Thanos: "Hey, CPU! I loved the
first 6 Cosmic Powers, and look forward to Drunk Thanos 3! I love those
parodies. Also, will you do a Galactus vs. The FF? I love those fights

There's more on the way, Joshua! Some more Marvel (and DC and other) comic
characters get the 'Grim' treatment! --Grim

daniel gordon writes concerning Drunk Thanos: "Drunk Thanos strikes again! Even though I found DT#1 funnier DT#2 had its moments. The Marvel inside jokes were great. Keep it up!"

As long as each has at least one 'moment' for you to enjoy, Daniel, I've done my duty! Thanks! --Grim

Joshua Wiebe writes concerning CPU, JLA/Galactus, and Drunk Thanos: "Hey. I am working on a story for you guys which I am almost done. I look forward to working with you guys. Also, I loved the JLA/Galactus. It was the first fanfic I actually felt compelled to read the whole thing and didn't just do it for boredom. I love your stories and look forward to each issue. I love your Drunk Thanos and can't wait to see what the point is to it if there is one.

No point to the Drunk Thanos stories. Just my imagination running wild (hopefully!)for your enjoyment! --Grim

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