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Elder's Quest
12: Sicilian Defense*

*Author’s note: A chess strategy pushing forward a central pawn mass.

"Captain, can Warlock be trusted?" The insecure Avenger seemed even more nervous than usual. He had been pacing about since they got there and had shown no signs of slowing down yet.

"Vance, take it easy," his girlfriend told him. "Remember what Thor said about being relaxed."

"Yes, Vance. We need you to focus and execute on the plan," Steve said.

"It would help me a great deal if you could answer my question," Vance said attempting to take longer breaths and slow himself down.

The Elders appeared off the side through some palm tree-like bushes.

"I ask myself that all the time, son," Steve answered grabbing his shield from his back. "When I have an answer, I’ll let you know," he said running through some alien plant life located behind several trees opposite the duo of Elder partners.

The Obliterator and the Judicator advanced.

"Ready Avengers?" Steve yelled out.

"Ready," they both answered in unison.

Firestar fired a microwave blast directly at the Obliterator’s arm.

The Obliterator turned and fired back. Both Vance and Firestar rolled to opposite sides expecting him to react this way.

Steve threw his shield. It ricocheted so many times from multiple trees the Elder called Judicator never saw it coming when the shield connected to the back of her head. She fell forward, her heavy-set body falling hard on her hands.

The Obliterator looked down at his partner, "You all right there?" he snarled with little concern in his voice. Small beady eyes looked down. His large squared jaw seemed to emulate the caricature of a puppet’s jaw.

The Judicator looked up. Her eyes were as glassy as the triangular shaped eyeglasses she wore. Focusing on nothing in particular, her large form looked around still dazed.

"Don’t worry a bit," the Obliterator’s towering form turned to look at his enemies. "I’ll take care of them!" He blasted in multiple directions screaming savagely. Trees fell one after the other as explosions consumed the area.

"He’s crazy," Capt. America said ducking, his shield in front protecting him. "Let’s hurry up, gang. We won’t be facing a one man team for long!"

Firestar took to the air. Having cleared an area around him, she fired at him. Pinpointing her target, she blasted the guns on the Obliterator’s hands. She knew she could not destroy them. He had protected their molecular structure after the Silver Surfer defeated him, transmuting them to something harmless. Now they were made of sterner stuff. But they were already white hot from all the energy surging through them in the Obliterator’s mad blasting. And now she was doing what she could to heat them further. With any luck, the metal might bend. Even a slight bend would throw his aim off, giving them better chances.

With the timing of a skilled athlete, the Captain threw his shield directly at the Obliterator’s guns. The impact hit precisely at the point where the gun connected with the valve hoses that originated from the backpack he wore. It sent them flying from his hand onto the ground. As per the plan, Vance placed a telekinetic shield over them, preventing the Elder from re-attaining them.

"No!!!" the Elder yelled. He was crazed with anger. He would not lose again. He opened up his belt buckle. A contraption flickered with lights dancing about.

"Watch out," the Captain said. "Thanos mentioned that the Obliterator had acquired a static force field generator. It’s a last resort of sorts."

Firestar flew back down for cover behind a huge moss covered boulder.

Vance looked down as if making a decision. He moved forward toward the Elder.

"Vance, what are you doing?" Firestar said. "If you abandon the plan, he’ll fire up that contraption."

He continued forward. His part of the plan had been to stop the Elder from engaging the generator. He made no moves. Timing would be everything.

"Vance?" she yelled again. "Do it!"

"I have to wait, Angel," he answered.

The Obliterator quickly asserted the functions in the brief seconds he had been given.

"Wait for what?" Steve yelled. He looked over to see the Obliterator finishing the configuration of his weapon. He could not understand Vance’s hesitation, but he could wait no longer. He got up and ran toward the Elder hoping it would not be too late to prevent him from engaging the force field generator.

"Oh god!" Firestar said nervously. They were off the plan. With the Captain charging, she knew she had to go and do what she could. Quickly, she flew up and followed.

But they were too late. The Obliterator had activated his weapon. An energy field shot forward, encompassing them.

"Now!" yelled Vance. Sending a telekinetic force field forward himself. He focused intensively on enclosing the two Elders in a field. It was difficult to concentrate. The field of the Elder was having some effect on him. He did not know what the Obliterator’s energy was supposed to do, but within a few seconds, he undoubtedly would find out.

Continued in the final chapter, Elders Quest Chapter 13: End Game, in Cosmic Powers Unlimited #20!  And be sure to visit the Elders Quest Archive Page if you have not yet read the Prologue or first five chapters of Elders Quest.   If you aren't sure exactly why the elders would want to punish Thanos, then be sure to read our review of Marvel's Thanos Quest mini-series at the Silver Surfer Website... Now leave us your comments and suggestions below.

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