Click here for larger copy of image!Welcome to another edition of Cosmic Powers Unlimited, our fan fiction fanzine. In this edition, issue #19, we have six brand new stories, including another chapter of our flagship title, Cosmic Union, putting us only one away from the saga's exiting conclusion.

This week's edition of Cosmic Powers Unlimited also features the final issue of Spinsterhood, one of the many Cosmic Union spin-offs. This edition features not only your favorite cosmic women, but many other Protectors of the Universe members, and leads into next issue's dramatic closing to the POTU titles!

We also have new issues of the Marvel/DC crossover, Shards of Destiny; our spin-off to Thanos Quest, Elders Quest; our Silver Surfer/Thor saga, "Tiusday… Bloody Tuesday"; and our time-spanning Tales of the Timeless!

Hope you enjoy! Next week, we will have a special edition of Spatial Deliveries, featuring your letters on the Cosmic Union and POTU titles.  To have your letter published, be sure to send it this week to  Be sure to also e-mail us your feedback on our other exciting stories as well.  You can also use that address to contact us about writing stories or creating covers for future editions of Cosmic Powers Unlimited.  

In this issue...


In this week's edition of the Cosmic Union... All-New! All-Different! The never before published details of the Union conflict at the heart of the Nexus of All Realities. This chapter resolves more than half of the plotlines introduced in the past chapters. Do not miss this special penultimate segment!
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In this week's Spinsterhood... Learn the family secrets of Adam Warlock, Kismet, Crucible, Ayesha, and the deadly ramifications for Gamora and Pip! In a story we had to call... "Adam's Family!" (Just kidding!)  Be sure to read "Grave Concerns..."
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Marvel/DC: Shards of Destiny #5
Gambit Part Three: Final Judgment

Will the combined forces of Galactus, the Silver Surfer, Green Lantern and the Fantastic Four be enough to stop the violent rampage of Celestial, God-Stalker? Or will they fail and doom not only one universe but two!
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Silver Surfer/Thor
"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" Chapter 3

The cosmic crossover between the Silver Surfer and Thor continues, as Norrin Radd spends more time on Asgard, learning more about its mysteries and about his fellow friend.
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Chapter 12 of 13 in Mystic's Elders Quest Saga puts the Avengers against the Elders as we come closer to the final conclusion of the Elders' quest of revenge against Thanos the Mad Titan!

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In this issue, the battle with the Kindred rages on as the Timeless valiantly battle for their lives! But what is Thanos the Mad Titan doing there? And what is the Defenders stake in all these?
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This week's cover features Lord Thanos's beautiful scans of Adam Warlock and Galactus!
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