Silver Surfer/Thor: "Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" Chapter 3

Written by E.A. Morrissey
Published by the Cosmic Powers Fan Fiction Group in

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"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!"
by E A Morrissey

~See Prologue/Chapter 1 for character summaries!~
~Continued from Chapter 2~

Chapter III
As thy station demands… too think otherwise is foolhardy!

Bilskirnir, Thor's palace, greatest in size e'en Odin confirmed this to be true! The Goats completed the journey; 'twas a comfortable landing, landing next too the doors of the great hall, doors that are always open since any visitor is welcomed!

The great hall was likened to an amphitheater… entertainment of all sorts happened here! Thor guided Norrin through the maze of corridors, making way to Thor's private apartments. Both heard the muffled skittering of footfall… some-one running toward them? From around the corner a girl, no, a young woman appeared arms out wanting to embrace her father until she saw her father had a guest! She was in the Middle of saying "Daddy" when she stopped, correcting her movements attaining a more formal posture!

"What say you father, forgive mine-own transgressions… We had no idea thou hast a guest of such distinguished proportions!"

Thor smiled at his daughter whilst saying, "Return to thine own informal greeting, heart of my heart. Friend Norrin and I hide no secrets."

"Or so I am told!" Norrin thought!

As if on cue Thor's daughter, Thrud, jumps into Thor’s open arms, hugging her father as if she has not seem him for a millennia.

Norrin watched the embrace Twix father and daughter, to him it was a contradiction in terms; physically the embrace could crush mountains, but the emotion was so tender that they cared not for the strength of the embrace! The embrace was finished as Thor let Thrud’s feet touch the ground.

"Take heed daughter O' mine, make reparations for a feast, let thine own mother know that Norrin has returned! Make haste heart of my heart, for the guest of Honor shalt be none other than "Midgard's Blessing!"

Thrud formed an "O" with her very attractive mouth, she had heard the stories of Asgards rebirth and who was responsible, and She looked at the "Legend" to gauge his measure! Thrud ran with the speed of the wind itself. Norrin was humbled by all the attention he was getting.

"Since when have you had a daughter, Thor?!" Norrin seemed pissed since he could count himself as one of the few that was or is close to Thor.

Thor starts laughing, a hearty Laugh it was, and you know the kind of laughter that comes from the stomach, doing so Thor slaps his friend on the Back.

"Norrin thou art so linear, a man of physics thou art! Remind me on the morrow too take thee to Hlidskjalf, there and only there whilst thou make the connection Twix Majiks and the Sciences. Answering thine own question, though, in my father's realm Thrud has had her eighteenth naming day! In the realm of Midgard (Earth) she won't be borne for another five-hundred years!" Thor starts to laugh again.

All Norrin could think of was the paradoxes this entailed on the physical plain. His curiosity was peaked; he wanted to go to the Hlidskjalf right now! There must be a definite answer to this; his mind started too reel as he thought of the consequences!

The journey continued until they stopped at Norrins' apartment, one next to Thor's and Sif's. Abruptly Thor Laughed again muttering some thing under his breath that was akin to Norrin not needing to "clean up" since he had no clothes etc,

"Make thyself comfortable," as Thor opened the unlocked door. Within the apartment as if startled Sif looks toward the two friends, Sif was caught in the act of being entranced by the fire she had lit, no doubt see imaginary images within the fire. Getting up she walked toward the two friends. Sif was looking magnificent as usual! Norrin raised the Eyebrow he did not have… anymore!

"What say you 'Midgard's blessing,' honored are we to have such distinguished company for the nonce!"

Norrin was put on the spot again, in Norrins' world Thor and Sif were an 'Item,' not married! It seems the case here so going back to his 'Asgardian 101' he made his reply. "Well met mistress of the Harvest, pleased am I to be welcomed into your house."

Both Thor and Sif seemed pleased by Norrins' response, as if, they are trying to make Norrin an Honorary Asgardian… he has the nobility all that's left is the formality!

"For the nonce shalt we take our leave of you, thou hast free reign of our home, repair, rest... thou whilst know when the time comes for the festivities to commence. The husband and wife left.

Left alone Norrin had nothing to do… not knowing what the problem is… not knowing when the problem will arise… not knowing how to enjoy himself. He scanned his temporary lodgings, and within a few minutes or, what he though of as a few minutes he was bored. He needed something to do and that curious nature of his kicked in, he decided to take a walk and get his fill of Bilskirnir.

All of the Hols or halls doors had no locks on them, so at random he picked a door and opened it, as he did he heard a question being asked.

"Qualify your statement from a cynical point of view, Kijartan?" Said the woman who obviously had control of this meeting!

"Yes, Seeress Roksva." It seemed as if this warrior who rutted-out over-zealous warlords a thousand years ago was out of his element, having an uncomfortable posture? This Warrior was a man of action, not words, but Thor had demanded ages ago that everybody would visit Roksva from "Time to Time."

Norrin thought this was going to be interesting, so he took a seat at the back of the class, as he did he caught a few of the students looking at him! Norrin peeked at the warrior noting that he looked in his thirties… though scarred he was quite handsome. It seemed to the Surfer that the "Teacher" has scolded this man more than once. His answer started out as a measured pace!

"Hmm… What is the difference Twix Theology, Philosophy and the Sciences? Nothing, from the cynics point of view!" Before Roksva could interrupt, he continued… "'Tis a circle… Let us say a God has a story to tell his ‘Flock,’ he will usually pick an Agent(s) or Disciple(s) to tell that story. The only problem is, the Disciple(s) cannot tell the story Verbatim, so, that means the ‘Word’ or ‘Story’ had changed! Consciously or unconsciously the disciple(s) has thought of the change, therefore what is ‘Mans thought’ but philosophy!" So far, we have two covered, Roksva nodding, implying for him to continue!

"Man has this habit of tying to find out what the unknown is and applying rules to it, hence Science! In the days if yore many scientists have done just that. Using an example of Pythagoras, a well-known Mathematician and Philosopher. He tried to use numbers which by the way is known as the language of the universe to explain the realm of the "Meta-physical and we all know what the realm of the Meta-physics is!"

"Yes… God(s), continue!" The woman said.

"Well that’s just it, we all seem to be chasing our tails in one big Circle!"

Norrin was Rubbing his chin deep in though of what has just been said. "Fascinating, I had many conversations like this when I was just Norrin Radd, and many philosophers throughout the Universe know of this linkage, but hearing this from Thor’s subjects… Fascinating!"

"You look surprised, Midgard's blessing?" Only now did Norrin realize the question was forwarded to him, he nodded about to answer the question as she put up her hand and said, "Hold thy thought gleaming one!" It took only a few seconds for the class to realize who was with them in the class. ‘O's, sighs, mumbles, and Ahs" were made; Norrin did not like being the center of attraction!

"Well, class, since we have such a venerated guest 'mongst us, let's sway the next question in deference to him?

"What is the Realm of God(s)?" Roksva smiled and asked in a leading tone.

A young and enthusiastic woman put her hand up, answering the question without acknowledgement. "The Realm of the unknown, one that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no or rule applied to it!"

Norrin was getting uncomfortable, since he knew where this very clever woman was directing the class!

"So let us use this premise, Can someone travel faster than the light that you see?" The smile that Roksva had was now clearly visible; she was enjoying the moment!

"No! Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light!" The Young enthusiastic woman burst out!

"Really," Roksva said sarcastically? "Our master Thor has traveled from point A to point B faster than light can reach the same point!"

The young woman obviously distressed, knowing that she is in for a fall … on the losing side of this debate answering sheepishly, "Yes, but Master Thor is a god!"

"Yes this is true (pointing at Norrin)… Yet he whom we have in our midst is a 'Man…' a man with Wonderful powers who is not a God, just a man of science! Yet, he has traveled faster than the speed of light, he that is known to us as "Midgard's blessing," who goes by the name of Norrin Radd has done it! So how can this be? 'Tis obvious the speed of light is not the Ultimate speed limit! 'Tis just another barrier for mortals to break!"

"What say you Norrin Radd, dost thou have an answer for this class, can you answer how you can travel faster than light?"

Norrin Stood up, preparing himself on how to explain how he can warp "Space and time" when a Gong was sounded through the Halls of Bilskirnir.

"Phew, saved by the bell, Norrin knew this is what Thor meant by knowing when the festivities are going to commence."

Even without the saying "the Class was dismissed" the students started leaving the room. Soon enough there was only Norrin and Roksva left. Linking arms with Norrin Roksva escorted him out showing him the long way to the great hall!

They walked with a relaxed pace, a faster pace than "Lollygaging," still the pace was comfortable for conversation.

"What function does Bilskirnir have other than being Thor’s home?" His curiosity kicked in again hoping to find out more about his friend that he thought he knew so well?

"Apparently thou hast encountered souls of the dead before? Thou hast experienced this type of life that they live? Bilskirnir like Valhalla is the Hol too collect the souls of Thor’s subjects. When his subjects die on the Mortal plane, Thor takes their souls to the "Place he knows so well" namely Bilskirnir! If thou wert a smithy in life so will you be in the afterlife, for e'er more, learning, evolving becoming the best smithy in your craft, working to a purpose that only a select few know of! In mine own Life I was a lawgivers Wife, a witch, and a woman of measure, taking council from Thor. O'er a thousand years ago as you count, I witnessed the "Passing of the Mantle" from one God to another."

"Oh, which Gods?" Norrins' interest intensified!

"Thor and the Son of the Three! Thor was the last pagan God, 'twas a time of change, Thor Ordered my Husband and I to help with the conversion process."

"Ah, yes the lamb!" Norrin knew of this story, told by Thor himself!

Roksva knew there would not be anything forth coming on that issue so she continued explaining what Bilskirnir was for. "In my last days; because I had to help converting the peoples to Christianity I became a teacher of Theology and Philosophy. When I died I continued to do so, delving into different beliefs realizing for all "intents and purposes" that the core of each belief system was essentially the same. What thou sees is a teacher who likes to get her students to 'Think!'"

Norrin 'filed' all the information for later consumption. However, he did ask a question.

"What time does the Festivities start?"

"Not until Sol's daughter falls below the Horizon, why dost thou ask?"

"It seems we have time for a little journey, would you like to come?"

"Verily," was all she said?

Like Thor’s' hammer, Norrin was bonded to his board; silently he called for his board that was still lying against Thor’s chariot. Immediately the board responded taking moments to reach his master!

Roksva was fascinated with the geometrically perfect "Surf Board," tentatively touching the surface as if it would bite her!

Something caught Norrins' eye… a door was partially open; looking through the partly open door Norrin could see a huge crystalline Form shaped like Mjolnir and people sitting around it, as if studying it? Norrin the ever curious dragged Roksva with him!

"What is this room?" Norrin not liking what he sees! Within the Crystalline hammer was an opaque form of a woman! "Again what is this!" Norrin was getting angrier by the second!

Before answering, Roksva collected her thoughts… "'Tis called Thor’s Guilt! When you helped resurrect Asgard by Igniting Sol's Daughter, Baldur through the power of Odin resurrected all of Asgards souls… Bar four! I-arn-saxa and "Old Man Thor! The new or reincarnated Thor you know of but I-arn-saxa you know naught!

"I-arn-saxa was Old Man Thor’s wife! Bearer of Modi and Magni, Thor’s sons who have yet to be born this time around! When "Old man Thor" died vanquishing the "Worm" (Jormungand), she did not want to live after the resurrection. The Iron maiden made a pact Twix herself and Odin; her essence would be used to increase the power of the Hammer Supreme! Odin bestowed greater enchantments on the hammer, but needed a life force to do so, hence the name of Thor’s guilt! Our Thor has tried to release her life force, trying find away to breach the enchantment so that she can live again! He has been trying to release her for centuries! See the peoples around the Crystal Hammer, they are what you might call scientists… Majiks is all for naught, even the power of Loki cannot remove the Runes! Thor is now trying a different tactic… Science! Mayhap thou hast noticed the relationship Twix Thor and the Hammer Supreme?"

"I have noticed, yes, maybe I can help?" Norrin held out his hand, well versed is he with molecular rearrangement, releasing the Power Cosmic. The very fine beam of power pierced the hammer causing a small part of the exterior to melt! Norrin seemed elated, helping out his friend Thor. Suddenly the Form of I-arn-saxa looked at Norrin, concern looked thru her eyes at the Surfer! A backwash of energy flew back at Norrin, lifting him off his feet slamming him into the wall of Thor’s Guilt!

A stern looking Eye appeared o'er the crystal hammer!

"Ne'er whist thou do such a thing again! Forasmuch thou hast not the right! Didst thou ask, ne'er presuppose I-arn-saxa is held 'gainst her will! Thine own intentions, albeit pure of heart, are misplaced… 'Tis for good reason… Leave it be, he who will atone for his sins!"

Within Norrins' minds eye he got visions of why this was necessary, the visions were for nobody but him, so they shalt not be told now!

Norrin got the point! Getting up flecking his body as if removing imaginary dust away from him! Leaving… pulling Roksva with him… closing the door and with it all the memory of what had just happened!

Odin did not like tampering with a tampered mind already, but it was necessary! The sentinel could have destroyed "Asgards redemption." Nothing can stand 'Twix what will be! He turned his attention to his very wasted, or in other words, inebriated Einherjar!

To Be Continued . . .

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