Silver Surfer/Thor: "Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" Chapter 4

Written by E.A. Morrissey
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"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!"
by E A Morrissey

~See Prologue/Chapter 1 for character summaries!~
~Continued from Chapter 2 and Chapter 3~

Chapter IV
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1995 CE

The man, a president of a company who had the good fortune to work with Industrial Business Machines twenty years ago, creating a simple operating system that would dominate and eventually control the world! The man who helped design another operating system that would be second best, even though it was superior according to some, was just a tourist, or looking like a tourist. That is he followed the rest of the group, following along like a sheep not listening to what the guide was saying for he knew!

"Here we are ladies and Gentlemen, the greatest mystery within Westminster Abbey itself! The Tomb of the Unknown Warrior! Too some it is an example to the futility of War… To some, it is where Saint Michael is buried with Saxnots Sword! The sword of antiquity, the sword that gave great powers to its wielder, though the power came with consequences, i.e. death!

"Where is the grave?" a semi Bored American Tourist said!

The guide was not specific… "Beneath your feet, the grave is a secret, no-one knows, just this placard on the beam!"

"Why is it a secret?

"The elders considered the grave so important that its location must be kept secret holding at bay its secrets the grave holds."

"Then why commemorate this grave?" The now interested American tourist said!

"Because of the message it said to the peoples from a different time as it does now!"

The president scanned the area with an IR portable spectrometer that was in his pocket; his scanning covered all the area of the floor. This piece of equipment analyses floor temperature differentials and scans for linear cuts in the floor looking for irregularities, indicating the floor that was dug up or repaired! This little beauty also scanned for the IR sensors that would trigger the alarm system when set! Unconsciously he was stroking the Little technical marvel whilst thinking how lucky he was attaining the new Lithium Ion Gel pack technology that made it possible to make this instrument portable in the first place.

The president left the "flock of sheep," intent on analyzing the information he has received not knowing that a Woman of antiquity followed…

Norrin and Roksva had walked thru the Doors of the Great hall, "boarding" the Surfers Surfboard, standing in front of Norrin, Roksva's shoulders firmly held in place by the reassuring hands of the Silver Surfer. All that Norrin said was, "Just relax" as the board gained speed and altitude! Flying over the region called Thrudvang, Roksva saw vistas well known to her, but from a different perspective. She was feeling a sense of wonder, marveling at the wondrous sights!

Before going to greater heights, he flew around getting the woman used to riding the winds. At this close distance, Norrin could feel the woman's sense of Awe… her sense of wonder… her total acceptance of what she was seeing!

After a few minutes, Roksva became relaxed… comfortable being with this man of science! At this point, he headed straight up away from the land that is Asgard… up; up he ascended leaving the Atmosphere into the mystical void of space, heading in the direction of Sol's daughter.

Roksva looked down seeing the Rainbow Bridge (Bifrost) in all its glory. After a moment of panic, feeling alone ne'er being away from Asgard and Midgard she started to look, turning her head this a way and that a way, absorbing all the information that she could!

"What say you, seeress Roksva!" Using the archaic term to get a response from the woman!

"Shush," pausing then continuing, "there seems to be a symmetry to the Cosmos! I'm trying to understand what I'm seeing… and yet there is a feeling within telling me of a purpose… there seems to be an underlying purpose to the Universe… dost this make to anybody but a man with addled brains?

"Yes it does make sense, you are feeling the 'motive of the universe.' Close your eyes and look with your minds eye, if you do you will become one with the universe!

Within her 'minds eye she observed the symmetry of the universe, moving to a pattern as if it was pre-determined. Seeing the whole picture for the first time, she analyzed it then she looked to the "parts of the Sum." Within the Universe she noticed only what could be described as "Bubbles of inaction" or spheres of the un-observable!

Norrin was in this almost meditative state watching her progress, impressed by how quickly she was learning. He was intent on her study on the spheres of Majik within the universe. He watched a she, in a very methodical process try to unravel the barrier that formed a wall to what was inside the bubble. Every attempt was thwarted though suddenly she spoke aloud!

"This is Asgard! The other spheres I know not, but this one I know. How is it I cannot see what will be?"

"You should probably ask Odin or Thor to ask that one, not even I can see the pattern of Asgard, except to go there of course!"

"Ah, the distinction Twix Majik and the Sciences!"

"Yes, You are right! Being a creature of Majiks now, makes you susceptible to seeing things that are Magical. Yet, I was surprised at the ease of seeing things that are physical or related to the sciences! "

"Mayhap 'tis because I once was mortal? Thank-you Norrin Radd, my thanks to you and yours for allowing me to experience this!"

"You are welcome, Roksva!" Norrin was truly gratified knowing this woman meant what she said!

The brightness of Sol's daughter brought Roksva out of her revere and the fact that Norrin said, "We are here!" Following the northern apogee, Norrin stopped the motion of the Board, stretching out his hand; a thin beam of the "Power Cosmic" lanced forth toward the heart of Sol's daughter!

To those that know, knows that all of matter has a sentience of sorts; all you have do is to learn how to "Listen" and "Talk." Norrin talked in his own way with Sol's daughter! Content was he with her health, knowing that her "Life" will be long and long! In her own way Sol's daughter recognized "Midgard's Blessing" saying all was well!"

"You are talking to Sol's daughter, is this not true?"

"Yes, in a way." Norrin was ever surprised on how quick to learn this woman was, "This woman who is dead for all intents and purposes, a woman of the afterlife… an afterlife linked to the Magical realm of Asgard!"

"Mayhap mine own perspective shalt change on what Life is?"

Since Roksva was a gifted thinker Norrin knew she liked to find the answers in her own way, so he answered in an oblique way. "Yes life comes in many different packages." It was time to change the subject. "Its time to go, one day we might do this again?"

"Yes, lets!" She wanted this with all her heart, Within her was that spark of curiosity that essentially kept her young at heart and the Constant need to learn!

There are things in this universe when things seem right without knowing what you are observing. It seems natural, that was the way it was as the Silver Surfer arced the board with gracious and flawless movements, the movement seemed right, something akin to comparing a bird in flight to a jet aircraft! One using the air currents making instinctive movements with its feathers compared to an object Forcing its way through the air as if raping the air itself!

The Descent was as wondrous as the ascent itself! To the woman she had a feeling of coming home, a place of contentment. Did the Silver Surfer have this feeling the woman thought? She looked around looking at the stoic figure. No she could not read that feeling from his face, she knew of his history and in some ways she pitied the Alien known as Norrin Radd!

To Be Continued . . .

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