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Thanks for all your support... and now, on to the letters... this week's fan mail goes to E.A. Morrissey, writer of Silver Surfer/Thor: "Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" and WarlorTVor of Shards of Destiny!


Matthew Mitchell writes, "Hurry up and finish the next few chapters, I can't wait."

Matthew, all the chapters are done, and will be "printed" one chapter each Cosmic Powers Unlimited issue! Thank you for the kind words! --E.A.

Robert Jenkens writes, "OK, I admit that Thor is stronger than the Silver Surfer, BUT not this much. I find the part about the surfer almost dying in the magical plane RIDICULES!!!!! The Silver Surfer has plenty of reserve energy. Would you reply to me and explain, why you would portray the Silver Surfer as such a weakling????? Don't you think Thanos or some other villain would have thought of this before??? please find the time to reply. Robert Jenkins: A loyal fan of the Surfer."

Robert, thank you commenting, I knew this part of the book would be an issue too some, but, Norrin has to have some weakness! As the chapters are released you will see that this magical plane, does not conform to natural physics and "Time" it self is different as we see it! Norrin is like a battery and gets "charged up," but in this void, his reserves were depleted, the void wasn't killing him (the fall would have though), just draining him! --E.A.

Norrin is not a weakling! As you read and I hope you will enjoy it, you will see Norrin do wonderful things and hopefully in character! Like Superman, Norrin isn't at his best when dealing with things of a Magical nature!

Thanxs again for the comments, much appreciated! --E.A.

Rob Jackson writes, "I am not a big Thor fan, but I love this storyline! Thank you for it and thank you for the character guide. Look forward to more."

Glad you liked it so far, let me know what you think as the story progresses. --E.A


Todd Nelson writes, "I liked the story but it conflicts with Marvel's Earth X saga, Galactus is supposed to be a threat to the Celestials isn't he?, I wish Marvel & DC could come up with a storyline such as this, hope Thor battles Orion, Hulk battles Kalibak and Thor and Wonder Woman get all cozy together, I'm really looking forward to how you get all the shards together and merge both Universes (could the merger bring forth the Anti-Monitor for the new merged Universe to battle?) Also I wish you had used a DC character instead of Baron Zemo as the storyline features way too many Marvel Characters I think you could've used Rhals al Ghul or maybe even the Joker but seeing how you have featured Zemo in World War 2 how about featuring the Justice Society of America and I can't wait for the Apokolips saga of the story.
Keep up the good work."

Thank you for the praise and commentary there Todd, and I hope you will keep reading Shards of Destiny, even though it is Marvel oriented. And yes Galactus is meant to be the scourge of God-Stalker, and only God-Stalker he goes rouge remember so he does not constitute the entire Celestial race. Well, wait no longer the first edition of the Apokolips saga is here! In this very edition of CPU, so enjoy! This will kick off a small two parter with the forces of Darkseid, and will be a prelude to what will be called the Cold War, with Thanos and Darkseid battling one another for the fate of the now merged universe. And there are plans, perlinmary mind you, of bringing in the Anti-Moniter but that's down the road. And in the next edition of CPU will featured a small limited series that takes place after the merger, called "Dark Allies" which will kick off a greater threat to the merge universe where Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate must join forces. --WarlorTVor

Morgan Smith writes, "I love this story and I can't wait to see the next chapter. I especially can't wait to see the roles of the more cosmic powered characters will be playing."

Well, as said before this CPU features such faces as Thanos, Darkseid, Superman, Thor, Hulk, and Wonder Woman. And that's just the beginning. Hope you enjoy! --WarlorTVor

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