Silver Surfer/Thor: "Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" Chapter 5

Written by E.A. Morrissey
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"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!"
by E A Morrissey

~See Prologue/Chapter 1 for character summaries!~
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Chapter V
Time heals everything… Right?

From a distance did the woman of antiquity followed the next wielder of the sword, long and long has the sword been buried, waiting for the next wielder!

The man knew not whether he was followed, but he took precautions. He did take a circuitous route to his hotel.

'Twas easy keeping her prey insight, and to keep her presence unknown with an easy spell of Majik; changing ones appearance Every time he looked back a different woman was there!

Considering this man was one of the richest Men in the world, he did pick modest accommodations, a middling Hotel at best. She has followed this very calculating and methodical man for the last two weeks. Her instinct told her the Theft of the sword would be within the next few days. She knew a lot about this man and knows this wielder is deserved of the sword, because compared to Vitellius and Attila, this man has an imagination! It is not to say the previous wielders lacked imagination, but the world was so much bigger then. The previous wielders thought of control of their "local areas," namely Rome and Asia Minor!

Those were the thoughts that consumed her as the Man walked into the foyer of the hotel he was booked into. Little did the man know he was paying her rent of sorts! Within the "City" itself there are a few owners of the Land. There were a few of "Royal Blood" that leased out the land within the "City," and then there was this very private woman who can trace her lineage back to the days of the Druids! What people did not know, or realize was that this was the very same woman, the very same Vala who talked to the "Mother of Most" … The last Druid!

In the days of yore 'twas easy to assume a new identity, but these days its more difficult because of the Advent of computers! Once this episode is over, she will have too create a new identity, she has been around too long, never being prominent, but has been around for fifty years. Using Majiks, she got a Birth Certificate by tampering with the mind of a doctor twenty years ago, planting suggestions and records of her scholastic career, passing with distinction when she attended Cambridge University! So everything was set for her to grow old and Die, passing on all her wealth and title to her daughter, which is herself… What a complicated process it was, all because of computers and their ability to pull up instantaneous records!

The Vala, or Last Druid had a room next to the man she was following, once inside the room she got rid of her clothes, and dumped herself rather unceremoniously on the Bed. She sent her minds-eye to the man, giving him thoughts of anticipation, reinforcing his desire for the sword. For the last five years, has she done this, giving him clues to the whereabouts of the sword, telling him of the powers he could wield? Tampering with his mind was easy since this man wanted more control, wanting more power, 'twas the only thing left since he has achieved his goals!

The task was done for this night, so she thought of the past, remembering the times of Vitellius and 'Attila the Hun.'

The great hall seemed smaller since it was 'filled to the Gunwales' with everybody being festive, waiting for the guest of Honor. Norrin and Roksva were 'fashionably late,' since Roksva needed time to clean up. Walking down the main causeway to the center of hall caused varying reactions. They got "here, here's' from the men, whilst slapping tankards of ale on the tables and whispers from the ladies to other ladies. No doubt commenting on Roksva escorting the 'Midgard Blessing,' a shameful act since her Husband was elsewhere on a task for Master Thor! Norrin and Roksva took their place next to Thor and Sif.

Slapping his own tankard, getting the attention of all that were present, Thor stood up!

"'Tis time to make merry, 'tis time to celebrate the Return of Midgard's Blessing, 'tis time for the merriment to commence! What say you to a Story told by the Skald, T'orston?"

"Ayes" were reverberated around the Hall! Within the center of the huge hall was a fire wafting up through the central opening in the roof. The Man known as T'orston got up from his seating place and walked to the fire, as he did the Torches that were attached to the walls were extinguished, one by one!

The fire seemed to grow a life of its own as the skald known as T'orston started the story. Using the 'the Will, Word, and the Way visions erupted form the fire complementing the words from his mouth. The Visions were of a lonely-Silver-Man-flying through the Cosmos on a silver surfboard… The Audience was mesmerized as the Skald known as T'orston told the story of Midgard's Blessing… as if distracted by something, Thor looked to his left as a single eye appeared!

"What say you, my son?"

"The night progresses well, father O' mine, does the night fair thee also?

"Yea, it does indeed till now! 'Tis time to pay the cards that we were given, son O' mine. Alvis the Dwarf is smitten with thine own daughter, to the extent of petitioning himself as a suitor for the hand of Thrud! She is of age thou knowest that!"

"Zounds! By the bristling Beard, I once had. Is there no alternate course father O' mine?"

"Nay my son, what was written shalt come too be! Thou of all the Gods know this to be true!" Make haste, this deed must be done this night! Mayhap thou can send Norrin Radd and Thrud to dispatch a couple O' ice giants climbing Hlidskjalf, 'twould be a good diversion for both!" Odin gave Thor the details.

"As you say Father, so shalt it be done!" Thor whispered into Sif's ear, by her expression you could tell she was unhappy with what has to be done! Thor got up, getting the Attention of Norrin and Thrud, implying for them to follow him… which they did!

"Remorse do I have, a boon do I require. Both mine own father and I are needed else where, and there is a disruption going on leading toward Hlidskjalf, can thou take care of the matter since you wanted to go there? My father requested that you take mine own daughter with thee?

Without thought, Norrin agreed because he wanted to learn the difference between Majiks and the Sciences. Thrud on the other-hand wanted action, agreeing all too quickly, the impetuousness of youth getting the better of her!

To Be Continued . . .

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