Silver Surfer/Thor: "Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" Chapter 6

Written by E.A. Morrissey
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"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!"
by E A Morrissey

~See Prologue/Chapter 1 for character summaries!~
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Chapter VI
Cold temperatures and Water make Ice… Right?

Norrin could tell that Thrud was excited and eager with anticipation, her demeanor suggested otherwise… calm and calculated she looked! Casually they walked through the corridors, not raising any alarms or suspicions, once outside the Great hall Norrin let go of his board… immediately the board hovered 12" inches off the ground. Norrin took Thruds hand; a gesture likened too opening the car door for a lady! She made her way to the rear of the Surf Board whilst saying, "My thanks to you Norrin Radd."

In a rare moment of playing the Thespian he bent forward from the waist, moving his hand wide he said "The thanks is all mine my lady fair, prithee show me the direction of Hlidskjalf forestalling any transgressions." Standing upright, he looked with smiling eyes at Thrud as he indicated that he was ready to leave as she placed her hands on his shoulders.

"Go in any direction from the edge of Asgard to its center, there thou whilst find Hlidskjalf!"

Norrin looked to where he came from the looking in the opposite direction… he got his bearings taking off with an urgency, though he was careful not to derail his passenger; his thoughts were misplaced since Thrud was a "natural." Thrud literally means "Strength;" that and the fact that she is a "Wind Walker" meant she was at home in the skies. Noticing this he ramped up the speed. Flying close to mach three only inches over a forest of ash trees excited young Thrud to the extent of unconsciously digging her nails into the shoulders of the Silver Surfer whilst pulling herself forward, looking over his left shoulder. 'Twas a good job Norrin was a being of immense power, if he was anything less he would have been crushed because of that innocent gesture!

Scanning the distance ahead Norrin could see a vast promontory the peak hidden by clouds. Using his acute vision he could see two ice giants climbing the mountain about to disappear into the cloud cover. Pointing forward Norrin got Thread’s attention; she nodded as Norrin sped forth, gaining altitude over the would-be-perpetrators.

Norrins' Board received commands from his master that were difficult to explain, but the actions were quite clear. In one fluid motion he inverted the board going thru an arc that terminated in a decent that hugged the face of Hlidskjalf only slowing and coming to a halt fifty feet above the slowly ascending Ice-giants.

"Halt, what is the reasoning for your transgression?!" Norrin stated with authority!

"What is this? Two gnats impeding our way? The audacity of it impeding the 'two brothers' named after the two rivers Thor has to cross when he deliberates at the trysting (Haunting place or the Thing, making law) place," Kormt said.

"Fe, get thee gone… Leave it be… go to whence thou wert and not suffer the consequences," Ormt said.

Norrins' brow furrowed, "I fear not… We are here to stop you… you cannot go any further without permission from Odin. In sooth he says you are not welcome at Hlidskjalf." As always Norrin tries to avoid conflicts, the peaceful way is always the preferred option!

The two ice giants thought about it for a few seconds without coming to a conclusion, because Thrud went into action.

"This is for naught, they will not listen to your reasoning! They are not capable of reason!" Diving off the Surfers Board Thrud targeted Ormt. Leaping over the massive head she grabbed only what could be described as hair made of Ice. What with her massive strength and momentum she pulled him off the rock face O'er her head once she decided to stop in midair. Thus becoming the pivot whilst the giant became lever, she let go of the now plummeting giant, he came to a stop when the ground prevented him from going further. The crash landing was not kind to the fallen giant!

Norrin on the other hand watched the goings-on with Thrud and Ormt. From his side, he heard a whooshing noise coming toward him, instinctively he moved aside as a massive fist passed by, using the Power Cosmic he altered the molecular structure of the rock face. The Ice Giants fist passed into the reformed rock face, Norrin stabilized the Molecules around the wrist of the giant. Instinctively the giant tried to pull his arm out, but it was impossible since Norrin had increased the Rock faces "Modulus of elasticity" a thousand fold! A few minutes passed by as the efforts of the Ice giant came to naught!

"Are you going to listen to reason?" Norrin stood there waiting with a majestic posture arms folded across his chest. "It would seem your brother is not fairing as well! Both looked down to see what was going on.

For a would-be observer it would have been interesting to see the comparison between how the brothers were dealt with! Thrud did not give Ormt any respite after the giant hit the firmament. The giant was winded but not incapacitated… Thrud was on him in with the speed of the very wind itself, showing no mercy, hitting with hard-delivered blows where it would hurt, and shattering limbs as she did! The only mercy she showed was to allow the giant to live for another day!

Norrin looked at Kormt thinking before he spoke. "If I release you, you will not cause any trouble… Right! Other wise I will suggest Thrud to do the same too you as she has done to you brother!"

Kormt looked down at his brother then back at the silver man; he nodded very quickly as his shoulders slumped indicating that he agreed. Norrin released him but used the Power Cosmic to hold him and transport the giant too the ground near Thrud and the broken giant.

Thrud greeted Norrin as he and the giant landed. "Ah more pickin's to wet the appetite, my thanks to thee Norrin Radd."

"I fear not Thrud, this one… pointing to Kormt has learnt his lesson without violence! He'll take his broken brother back to his homeland always wondering what may happen if he returns?"

"What, though thine own words are full of wisdom, likened to mine own father, but too let an enemy go without a scathing… 'Tis incredulous!" She paused before continuing, "I shall sate mine own passions for the nonce since thou art revered by mine own father, be forewarned though, ne'er come Twix my passions again!" Clearly she was disappointed with Norrin Radd though she was 'good to her word,' she allowed Kormt to carry Ormt away in the direction of there Homeland.

Sol's daughter started to rise bringing with it a new day… New lives Born and a few deaths, one such death was recorded o'er a thousand years ago in the Eddas but actually happened today, whatever or however they count time in Asgard. Alvis the Dwarf started too die as the first rays of Sol's daughter hit him. He got there because he wanted to ask for the hand-in-marriage to Thrud, so he petitioned Thor and was received in Thor's study. Thor asked Alvis about his knowledge of the Gods and their origins. Alvis complied, and his knowledge was spoken in the formal manner, extensive was his knowledge and it took him all night long to recite his information. Alvis was clearly in love… pity… pity for him as a 'child of night (dwarf)' he cannot survive the light of day! The first rays of light hit him and started to disintegrate as if paralyzed from the neck down he looked at a very remorseful Thor and asked why?

Thor sighed, truly saddened, replied in a quiet tone. "Because what was written must come to pass." The last words out of Alvis's mouth before he left this world was… "So be it!"

Thor walked away from his study disgusted with himself thinking… 'Tis a good time for Norrin to be away. Thor knew Norrin would be displeased with Thor’s clear deception… regardless of the moral implications when it was written those many centuries ago!

The would-be wielder of Cheru's sword awoke from his short sleep remembering his dream of Battles, of victory, control and of ultimate domination. The World evolved according to his will and the legacy that he would leave the world. He got up… showed and clothed himself!

To Be Continued . . .

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