Click here for larger copy of image!This week in Cosmic Powers Unlimited #22, we have seven new stories for you.

First, we have Super-Skrull #2 by WarlorTvor, as featured on this week's cover.  This issue guest-stars Quasar and leads into Super-Skrull #3, which is also in this issue and is a reprint of Morfex's classic "Gods and Monsters" story!  Also in this issue is another edition of Protectors of the Universe, which takes place in the same continuity as the Cosmic Union and this week's Super-Skrull stories!

This week, we also have new editions of the Marvel/DC saga, Shards of Destiny with issue #8, and issue #2 of the follow-up to it, Dark Allies.

We also have a new edition of Silver Surfer/Thor: "Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" and Tales of the Timeless!  We hope you enjoy them all! Please be sure to send all comments to

Thanks… see you next week with another exciting edition of Cosmic Powers Unlimited!

In this issue...

Marvel/DC: Shards of Destiny #8
Return to the War of Yesteryear: Part One - Catalyst

In the quest for the third Shard, Captain America and Batman are torn from their proper place in time and sent to the Second World War. Where they find themselves entrenched in a crucial turning point in American history ... The day that will life in infamy.
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Marvel/DC: Dark Allies #2
Chapter Two: The Writings on the Wall

Doctor Victor von Doom, along side the Sourcer Supreme, Stephen Strange, arrive at Latveria in search of the Kthullis occult. But what they find is more bodies piling up ... in Doom's throne room?! And with the occult on the ramapge throughout the city do they dare travel the streets?
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This week, the Timeless and the Guardians of the Galaxy face off with a multiverse at stake! And Gamora learns that White Raven may have another motive in working with the Universal Church of Truth. Don't miss "...To Stand the Test of Time."
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The newest Protectors of the Universe title, Super-Skrull, continues as Quasar learns the truth about the colonies destruction as Kl'rt is haunted by the phantoms of his past.
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In Super-Skrull #3, we reprint one of the stories that started it all! Witness the beginning of an epic in "Gods and Monsters" which was originally published way back in Cosmic Powers Unlimited #2!
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Silver Surfer/Thor
"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" Chapter 6

The cosmic crossover between the Silver Surfer and Thor continues in "Chapter 6: Time Heals Everything... Right?" written by E.A. Morrissey.  In this edition, the Silver Surfer teams up with Thor's daughter against two Ice Giants!
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Tales of the Timeless #16
The search for the Holy Grail begins, as Century takes on the role as King Arthur, but Portent is after the same object... can both survive the confrontation that follows?
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This week's cover by Rai features a Super-Skrull formatted by Rai, as well as an original picture of Super-Skrull by Matt Hamilton in the left hand corner (which you can see a larger pic of in Super-Skrull #3)!
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This week's letters concern previous Cosmic Powers Unlimited covers by Caleb, Rai, and Lord Thanos!
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