Click here for larger copy of image!Cosmic Powers Unlimited #21 is finally here! This new edition features six brand new stories from our fantastic staff of writers.

This week’s featured story is the premier of Dark Allies, a new series of stories taking place in the same Marvel/DC continuity as Shards of Destiny. The first edition features Dr. Strange, Dr. Doom, and Mephisto, as seen in our new cover by Caleb. We also have issue #7 of our Shards of Destiny crossover as well.

We also have a new edition of Protectors of the Universe #2, as the story of Marvel’s greatest cosmic characters continues after the Cosmic Union has now come to pass. We also have issue #4 of Defenders, taking place in the Cosmic Unionverse’s dark future.

And last, but not least, we have another chapter of E.A. Morrissey’s Silver Surfer/Thor crossover, "Tiusday… Bloody Tuesday!" as well as a special short fiction called Hela’s Kiss written by the author as well.

We hope you enjoy! Please be sure to send all comments to And if you had any comments you sent or would like to send regarding the end of Elders Quest or any other stories taking place in CPU #20, please send them again (or the first time) as the website was experiencing some technical difficulties last week.

Thanks… see you next week with another exciting edition of Cosmic Powers Unlimited!

In this issue...

Marvel/DC: Shards of Destiny #7
Lessons Part Two: Power Play

The pawns are assembled! The final battle is ready and forces collide, as our heroes challenge the Lord of Apokolips for their remnant of Shards of Destiny!
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Marvel/DC: Dark Allies #1
Prelude and Chapter One: House Call

From the writers of Shards of Destiny comes the sequel: Dark Allies! In the first edition of this dark saga, Doctor Doom returns to Latveria, shortly after the merger of the two twin universes, to face a horrible sight, a sight so dark even the monarch of Latveria is taken aback. When he learns that a dark menace threatens to destroy the earth, he must seek an alliance with the only man that maybe able to save all things on heaven and earth ... Doctor Stephen Strange!
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We learn of three possible betrayals (Alevolen, Starfox, and Aleta?), and the history and perspective of the Dark God, Rune. All is not what it seems in "Ambitions."
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Future Crimes Part Four: Facets

The powerless Defenders have no hope against their dark counterparts, or do they? Thor may be the key to reclaiming victory from bitter defeat. Read "Facets" to learn the truth.
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Silver Surfer/Thor
"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" Chapter 5

The cosmic crossover between the Silver Surfer and Thor continues in "Chapter 5: Time Heals Everything... Right?" written by E.A. Morrissey.
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Hela's Kiss
In a special one-shot story, writer E.A. Morrissey brings you a tale of ordinary man's fight against death and visit by Hela in "Hela's Kiss."
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This week's cover by Caleb, features Dr. Doom, Dr. Strange, and Mephisto!
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