Elders Quest Chapter 5

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Elder's Quest
Chapter 5:
Double King Pawn Opening*

*Author’s note: A typical chess opening beginning "the game"

Having received coordinates from the Grandmaster, Thanos teleported all to a distant planet. Warlock had contacted the Silver Surfer, and he had enthusiastically agreed to help. This was partly due to a desire to help capture the Elders, which he knew were usually up to no good. It was also partly because he would no longer have the favor owed to Warlock looming over his head. With him, he brought Terrax and Firelord to aid in the battle.

Thanos, Warlock and Capt. America conferred about the strategies to best use as they planned their attack on the Elders. The rest waited anxiously, often squabbling with each other about how this situation should be handled. They were up against tough opponents and they knew it. On the edge, they continued to argue and point fingers at past incidents where each had failed or stumbled.

The Silver Surfer was the quietest. He was the least interested in conversation and seemingly meditated as though preparing himself for the upcoming battle. Thor joined him shortly. "May I join you, quiet one?" he asked.

"Aye," Silver Surfer said, a slight smile appearing on his face.

"Thou art in good humor," Thor said sitting down. "’Tis good! We shall need it for the battle that is looming!"

"How can humor serve me in battle?" the Silver Surfer asked, disinterested. It was clear he had things on his mind, but did not wish to talk about them. Perhaps he worried over the battle, or over Thanos leading them into one.

Still, Thor did perceive his disturbance. "’Tis not the humor in itself, but the fact that thou art relaxed in battle – ‘tis a subtle, but important difference."

"I would imagine you are right," the Silver Surfer.

"A filled mind can lead thee to a poor battle. Thou must put it all out of thy mind and be comfortable with thyself. Only then can the warrior in thee come forth." A battle lusty Thor spoke louder than he thought. Everyone had stopped to listen. He turned around a little embarrassed, "Pardon me. I speak with too much enthusiasm."

"No, Thor, you are right," the Captain said walking over. "Perhaps we should all take a page from your book and relax a bit. It will do us no good if we cannot concentrate on what we have to do. We have finished our strategy session. Let’s go through the assignments and then we can have some time to prepare."

They all sat in a circle as the Captain began giving the orders. They were Avengers after all and would be ready to perform their duty.

The three had agreed rather quickly on match-ups. All were brilliant strategists and quickly saw eye to eye with each other’s judgements. There was no doubt that they were severely outmatched. But with a little luck, they would overcome the challenges and come out on top.

On the other side of the planet, the Grandmaster finished speaking to his chosen Elders. They were ready for the confrontation and eagerly awaited their turn.

Continued in Chapter 6: Black Bishop's Opening.  And be sure to visit the Elders Quest Archive Page if you have not yet read the Prologue or first two chapters of Elders Quest.   If you aren't sure exactly why the elders would want to punish Thanos, then be sure to read our review of Marvel's Thanos Quest mini-series at the Silver Surfer Website... Now leave us your comments and suggestions below.

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