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Once again, we'd like to thank everyone who has sent us feedback... it's what keeps Cosmic Powers Unlimited fun for us all!  And it helps us know what we are doing right, so tell us what you like... and dislike!

Thanks for all your support... and now, on to the letters... this week's fan mail is directed towards writers Drylan Clearbrook, of Supergirl: The Resurrection, and Mysic, of Elders Quest!

Pepi writes concerning Supergirl: "goooood stooooory"

Thannnnk Yooou! :) --Dylan

Alexander M. Agravante writes concerning Supergirl: "I bet you that the girl who look pizzed and good looking is SUPERGIRL. This definitely is quite an adventure because this is one of the few times that Marvel Superheroes interact and work with DC Superheroes. Long ago, I had a strange premonition that both groups actually come from a more or less parallel universe. And now, they actually do. Its just GREAT. Your creativities are amazing !
Alexander M. Agravante
Cebu City, Philippines

Thanks for your comments. As to who the girl is.....wait and see. :) The final chapter of Supergirl: The Resurrection will be up soon. Comments on it and the following Supergirl story (if published) will determine whether any more are written.) --Dylan

Grim writes concerning Elders Quest: "COOL fight scene. And thanos was just playing with them. That's so like Thanos. Excellent story, but who are Thanos' heroes going to be fighting against?"

Why, the Elders themselves of course! This is about revenge, and since the Grandmaster was not the only one slighted by Thanos, it is only fitting that the other members get to participate also. -- Mystic

Daniel Gordon writes concerning Elders Quest: "The time for payback is at hand! I cant wait to see what the Elders plan to do to Thanos. Dont keep us waiting for too long!"

Didn't have to wait long, did you? Right now, Thanos must pit his wits and strategy against the Grandmaster and his group. Do the Avengers and ad hoc Infinity Watch have what it takes to defeat such a powerful group like the  Elders? Inquiring minds want to know... --Mystic

Anomaly writes concerning Elders Quest: "hey mystic your thanos gave me flashbacks of starlin, not an easy thing to do. if you dont mind i would say you write a killer thanos he he."

Well thank you, Jeff. This is the 2nd or 3rd time that my Thanos has been
compared to Starlin's Thanos by someone - and I consider that high praise
indeed. Hope you continue to enjoy the series. --Mystic

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