Supergirl: The Resurrection Chapter 6

Written by Dylan Clearbrook, Edited by E.A. Morrissey
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Note: This issue is continued from Supergirl Chapter 5 in Cosmic Powers Unlimited #9
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"I can get the leader with a head shot!" One of the surrounding police officers whispered to the sergeant. The sergeant looked at the rookie as if he were an idiot.

"You see that thing in his hand, son?" He whispered back. "That's a Metalifed Colt Python. Mag-Na-Ported. .357 Magnum. In short, a damned gun. Now let me tell you what is going to happen if you make that head shot. His finger is going to twitch by reflex and you are going to have that girl's brains spread over the place." The young officer gulped as the consequences of his proposed actions were pointed out to him.

The sergeant turned his attention back to the bank robbers. Right now, they were at a stand off. So long as they had the girl as hostage, the police were not going to rush in, but neither were they going to let the criminals pass. So now it was a time of waiting. At least until the police negotiator arrived.

"I'll be damned." The sergeant swore as he came to a sudden realization. These were obvious street punks, but the weapon the leader held was not the type the average thug could get his hands on. It was expensive. He tried to check out the weapons of the other four would-be bank robbers. His eyes narrowed as he spotted several more high quality weapons. "Somebody's bankrolling these guys. They're a front."

The lead punk was ecstatic as he pushed the barrel of the Python into the temple of the blond girl.

"Now you just keep quiet and do what yer told and we'll let ya go, sweetmeat." He told her.

"But not just yet, Jocko." One of the other punks called, leering. "She's a prime piece."

"Hey, sweetmeat." Jocko taunted. "Helio, he want to party with you. You want to party with us?" His laughter was cruel.

Enough was enough. Kara could barely see through the red haze of anger. All she wanted to do was make a damned phone call. She had no sooner taken the phone off the hook and dialed the operator to make a collect call to the Daily Planet when these punks came along and grabbed her. The operator had not even had time to answer. And if this jerk called her 'sweetmeat' one more time......

"Hey, I'm talking to you." Jocko pressed the Python harder in to her temple. Strange that it was not hurting. "You want to party with us, sweetmeat? Sure you do. We show you a good time and then let you go."

That did it!

"Sweetmeat this, jerk!" She snarled, her right hand moving faster than an eye could follow. She grabbed the point where gun and hand joined and squeezed.....hard. She ignored Jocko's sudden screaming and spun around, jerking her arm back and letting go, sending Jocko smashing face first into the wall of the bank building. Blood splattered and teeth popped and Jock slid to his knees and then keeled over on to his side....out.

"Prof. X is not going to be happy with me." Rogue sighed. She sailed over the heads of the crowd and landed lightly at Kara's side. "Girlfriend, you are going to get me in trouble." She hissed.

Kara was not listening. Her attention was already on her next target. As he raised what looked to be some type of machine gun, her eyes narrowed.

To the crowd and police officer's watching, it seemed as if two thin, red beams flared from her eyes, striking the weapon at the base of the barrel. The punk's yelp of pain was cut off as the sudden, intense heat caused the round in the chamber cook off. The weapon exploded as the projectile jammed forcefully in the suddenly melting barrel. His face, hands, and chest a bloody mess, the punk fell to the sidewalk.

Another of the street thugs raised his weapon and then gasped in surprise as he felt himself lifted off the ground.

"Didn't your momma ever teach you it's not nice to point." Rogue quipped as she soared a bit higher. The punk screamed in fear, the front of his jeans suddenly wet. The gun in his hand sailed off in to the air as he began flailing his arms and legs.

Rogue deposited him in the midst of a group of officers and headed back to where Kara was taking care of another.

This punk had time to get off three shots before Kara closed the distance between them. He stared in shock at the ragged holes in the sweater the girl was wearing and the apparently unblemished skin beneath.

"You ain't human!" He had time to screech before Kara grabbed him by the front of the shirt and lifted him. She turned and sent him rolling head over heels to land at the feet of some very startled police officers. She turned to the last punk and smiled. It was not a reassuring smile.

"Well, Helio?" She said. "Are you ready to party now?"

Big, brave Helio stood where he was, frozen with fear, a growing wet stain growing over the front of his jeans wet. He made no move as Kara closed the distance between them. She lifted a hand and flicked a finger, catching him on the temple. Helio dropped unconscious.

"Okay girlfriend." Kara felt a hand on her arm and turned to see Rogue. "Let's get out of here." Keeping hold of Kara, Rogue leapt straight up and out of sight of the flabbergasted on lookers. She then angled around and down, heading back to Dr. Strange's brownstone.

"I remember it all. Everything."

Kara stared down at the table, tracing a finger through the ring of wetness left by a glass of water. Around her sat Prof. Xavier, Dr. Strange, Reed and Sue Richards, and a young man Sue had introduced as her brother, Johnny Storm. To her left Rogue stirred somewhat restlessly.

They had been met by Johnny as they had approached the brownstone. The Human Torch had ordered them to enter through the double windows into Dr. Strange's study rather than through the front entrance. Prof. X and Sue had been waiting on them.

Whatever they had planned on saying had gone unsaid when, as soon had Rogue had released her grip, Kara had fallen, sobbing

uncontrollably. Prof. X had calmed her somewhat, but had otherwise left her alone, Knowing that she had to work through the memories that were flooding her mind, overloading her emotions.

Hours later she had pulled herself together enough to meet with the recently returned Dr. Strange and Reed Richards.

Kara shook her head.

"The nightmares I had in the beginning were not really accurate. Just jumbled memories. In the end, it had been only Kal and Dr. Light that had faced the Anti-Monitor. The rest of us, Mon-El, the Earth-2 Green Lantern, the E-2 Superman, Firestorm, Captain, Atom, Wonder Woman, and the others had been held up by the Anti-Monitor's guardians. Until I heard Kal scream. With my super-hearing I could hear his heart beat racing, his labored breathing." She paused to draw a ragged breath.

"The Anti-Monitor was killing him." She shrugged. " I lost it. I cleared a path and broke into the inner chambers before the Anti-Monitor could deliver a death blow. I fought him and stopped him. I remember telling Dr. Light to get Kal out. To make sure he was safe." She lifted her head. "I destroyed the machinery that the Anti-Monitor was using to destroy our worlds and was going to finish him off. Then I made a mistake, I looked away to make sure Kal was safe." She shuddered, wrapping her arms around her shoulders. She was thankful for the comforting touch of Rogue's gloved hand. "I remember the Anti-Monitor fleeing. I had hurt him too much. There was no way he could have stood against the Earth-2 Superman and Mon-El, and they were getting closer. I remember Kal cradling me in his arms, crying. I remember dying."

"About that." Reed cleared his throat. " I did a bit of research, going back through my records." He nodded. "Yes, I was aware that something was happening over in that Reality. I believe it is possible, given the description of the machinery you said you destroyed, that you released an energy that somehow trapped your spirit in a state of limbo. Existing yet not existing at the same time. It was that which, in all likelihood, keep your spirit alive, in a manner of speaking, when the recreation, or reboot as Sue calls it, occurred. It could also be the cause of your seemingly non-existence after that recreation."

Kara looked at him and nodded. It had not been difficult to accept the concept that she was in an entirely different Reality. For one who could, at will, traverse time and space it was no big thing. What had been hard to accept had been the knowledge that, however much she may want to, she could never return to her own Reality. For, in essence, that Reality no longer existed. Had never existed.

"So now what?" She asked, not looking at any one in particular. She straightened and looked first at Strange and then Reed and then Xavier. "I should thank you for giving me my life back. Perhaps later I will be more thankful. But now what do I do? This Reality seems to have a surplus of heroes."

"And more than it's fare share of super criminals, I dare say." Xavier said.

"Girlfriend, there is always room for one more hero. Especially one with your unique abilities." Rogue told her.

"Indeed." Dr. Strange agreed. "Though you have weaknesses that will plague you here more so in your Reality, namely magic, your powers are formidable."

"But do not make the mistake that your powers will allow you to return to the other Reality." A new voice broke in. Everyone turned as Access stepped out of the shadows. Behind him could be seen another two figures, their faces hidden. Xavier tensed, looking quickly at Kara and then back at Access. "Yes, Prof. Xavier, I know what I am doing. What must be done." He turned to Kara. "I know it hurts. But you must believe me, there is no way, under your own power that you could cross the boundaries between Realities."

"He's telling the truth, Kara." Kara's face paled at the sound of the voice of one of the figures. The man stepped forward, his red cape flowing behind him.

Superman strode around the table, stopping at Kara's chair.

"Access has told me about you." His voice was soft, full of compassion. "I am not the Superman you knew, Kara. For that I am sorry. But, from what I have heard, he must have been very proud of you. As I would be." He touched Kara's cheek. "Live well here, Kara." He smiled. "Show them what it is to be a Kryptonian. Give them a Supergirl." He looked at her long and Kara could swear she could see tears welling in his eyes as he turned away. She looked towards the other figure and realized who it must be. She looked at Access, her eyes pleading with him.

"I met the Supergirl of the 20th century and fell in love with her." the other figure stepped forward, his green skin shining in the dim light of the study. He looked at Kara and though there was understanding in those eyes, there was no love. Not the love she had seen in those same eyes countless times during her trips to the 30th Century to be with the Legion of Super Heroes. "You are not that Supergirl. I am sorry." He turned away quickly.

"I am sorry for this Kara." Access told her, "But I had to impress upon you the truth of the situation. There is no place for you in that other Reality. This is your home now."

"Just go. GO!" Kara yelled, tears streaming down her cheeks. She waited until Access had left, taking with him a Superman and a Brainiac 5 that she had never known. Then she turned to the others, not bothering to dry her face.

"I guess I should learn about my new Reality." If she sounded bitter, no one blamed her. "Where do I start?"

"First we need to get you a legal identity." Sue offered. "You'll need a lawyer and I know a lean, mean, and green one that would love to help."

"I believe," Prof. Xavier spoke up, "that I can help with the learning. If you would like, you can join me at my school until you feel confident enough to head out on your own."

"Do it, Girlfriend." Rogue whispered, squeezing her shoulder. "We'll have a blast!"

Kara sat mute for a moment and then stood, moving to look out the double windows. For a long moment she gazed out and then, forcing a smile she turned.

"Okay, but first, I need to find a seamstress." She held her head high. "I need to be dressed appropriately when Supergirl is unleashed!"

The end of Part One - The Resurrection

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