Check out our reviews of the 18 issues of the Silver Surfer Volume 1 by Stan Lee and John Buscema!

Issue #1
The Origin of the Silver Surfer revealed!

Issue #2
The first appearance of the Badoon alien race!

Issue #3
The first appearance of Mephisto.

Issue #4
Silver Surfer vs. Thor

Issue #5
Earth receives a visit by the Stranger

Issue #6
The Silver Surfer travels into the future to escape the earth's barriers

Issue #7
"The Heir of Frankenstein!"

Issue #8
The Mephisto returns!

Issue #9
Continued from #8, Mephisto tries to steal the Surfer's soul!

Issue #10
Shalla-Bal comes from Zenn-La to Earth in search of her love - the Silver Surfer!

Issues #11-18 Coming Soon!


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