CoverSilver Surfer #10, Vol. 1
Published by Marvel Comics
May, 1969

“A World He Never Made!”

Writer: Stan Lee
Penciling: John Buscema
Inks: Dan Adkins
Letters: Sam Rosen

Original Price: $0.15
Current Value: $55.00

PLOT:  Shalla Bal is in a spaceship flying to earth with Yarro Gort, the only person on Zenn-La with the ability to get to earth. It is revealed that the evil scientist has agreed to Shalla-Bal's request to take her to Earth so that he can prove to her, that the Surfer is either dead or has fallen in love with someone else. He then makes her promise if the Surfer has been unfaithful, she will have to marry him! Shall Bal agrees.  "If Norrin Radd no longer loves me, it will not matter what becomes of Shalla Bal"

Meanwhile back on Earth, there are two figures on top of the East River Bridge facing each other in full view of a crowd below, one a policeman and the other a jumper. The Surfer flying above spots the crowd and the two individuals on top of the bridge. The Surfer realising what is about to happen flies down to stop the jumper. But just then the jumper loses his footing, the officer grabs him, but his strength is not enough and both fall from the bridge. The surfer using his cosmic speed manages to grab hold of the officer who in turn is holding the jumper and brings them both down to a safe landing. The officer speechless doesn't know what to say to the surfer but the Surfer just replies, "you look at me with eyes that hold no hate! That is enough!" But before the Surfer can say anymore the crowd start venting their anger at the Surfer, not forgiving him from the previous damage the town has suffered from past battles (see issues 2, 8 and 9).

Hearing enough from the crowd the Surfer flies off! The Surfer then begins to wonder why humanity is refusing to trust him, despite his best actions. He concludes that to find the answer he must somehow understand the Human race. The Surfer flies off to the cabin of Al Harper (The deceased scientist from #5) and puts on the coat and hat he used to disguise himself previously (see #5) and he reveals his plan. "I shall walk among men in an effort to fathom their madness!"

The Surfer then flies off to the Earth's outer atmosphere so that he can decide where he will begin his quest.  "If only those who would wage war could see their planet as I behold it, so fertile and fair, so lush, so lovely!  How dare they make a shambles of this world which should be paradise?"  The Surfer determined to find the answer to humanity decides to visit a place that is ravaged by war.

He lands in a small South American town and the first thing he notices is that the streets are empty.  He is shortly confronted with the answer as two soldiers confront the Surfer at gunpoint. Wondering why he has broken the curfew of the occupying army, they decide the Surfer must be a saboteur and decide to shoot him.  But just as they are about to pull the trigger scalding water is poured from a window above on to one of the soldiers, quickly the other soldier starts shooting at the window.

The Surfer is not impressed and with one hand raised sends the soldiers hurtling away with a cosmic blast.

A girl then pops her head through the window telling the Surfer to get in to the house quickly. The Surfer enters the House and is greeted by the girl, Donna Maria Perez and her Mother. Donna takes the Surfers hat, but as the hat comes off the Surfer turns and hides his face! Donna then says if they both fight the common enemy they must trust each other, with this the Surfer turns and replies, "Trust? What do Humans know of such a word?" The Mother then recognises the Surfer's face from American  magazines. "Even here," The Surfer says, "Even in a land where my help is sorely needed, I see that look in your eyes! That look of shock and fear and nameless loathing!"  But Donna tells the Surfer that they are sorry and they could not fear him More than those who enslave them!

The Surfer is then taken to a hidden attic in the house and told to hide there, as more soldiers are likely to return to investigate the disturbance.  Minutes Later a Car pulls up outside the house and people rush into the house and grab Donna and take her to the Car, Donna refuses to say where the Surfer is, so she is taken away in the car.

The Surfer hearing the commotion below him comes down to find Donna Maria gone and a worried Mother left behind. The Surfer knowing his presence has caused this, walks off to rescue her. The Surfer calmly walks towards the enemy base and at the gates is confronted at gunpoint by two guards.  But as the guards start to ask the Surfer questions, the guard that had scalding water poured on him recognises him and grabs a gun and starts firing at the Surfer. The Bullets do not even touch the Surfer, as they just bounce of a force field surrounding him.

The Surfer continues to walk into the base without any interruption, but then more soldiers higher up see him, they then use a cannon and hit the Surfer straight on, knocking him down to the floor. The Surfer gets up and summons his board If force is all they understand...then that is the language Norrin Radd shall speak! With these words the Surfer destroys the cannon. Meanwhile within the grim grey fortress Maria is arguing with a man, who suddenly tells her to shut up, as he wonders what the noise is outside. But before he can think any longer the Surfer flies through the window, however the man is not going to give up too easily and tells the Surfer to stay back or he will shoot Donna Maria.

The Surfer unimpressed raises his hand and melts the gun with his power cosmic before it can be used, he then takes Donna Maria and flies off. But before he can leave the soldiers fire another cannon round at him, luckily the Surfer is too fast and flies out of its path, but he doesn't want to give them a second chance so he destroys there fortifications and their armoury.

Continued in Issue #11 (review coming soon).

Comments: I believe that the quality of this issue is almost up there with the classic issues of 1,3 and 5. The story is fairly straight forward with no plot twists or any real surprises, but what makes this issue special is the endless comments on society. Any body who didn't know who Stan Lee was, after reading this could be mistaken in believing him to be a professor of sociology, as some of the comments the Surfer makes are real gems: "Humans! Though they walk like men, their world is a fantasy of infants."  This is what made the Surfer one of the most recognised heroes during the sixties! Classic Stuff!

My Rating:  8/10   The social comments make this a good read rather than an average one.

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Written by Nathan Harvey aka Babylon


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