ss01.gif (99950 bytes)Silver Surfer #2, Vol. 1
Published by Marvel Comics

September, 1968

"When Lands the Saucer!"

Writer: Stan Lee
Penciling: John Buscema
Inks: Joe Sinnott
Letters: Sam Rosen

Original Price: $0.25
Current Value: $130.00

History Behind Issue: After readers learn the origin of the Silver Surfer in issue #1, Stan Lee and John Buscema continue to deliver.  Fans aren't too pleased with the intellectual reading level and 25 cent price though, even though they get 40 pages!

Plot: The Silver Surfer reflects on what has happened to him. Not long ago he was a herald of Galactus and free to soar the cosmos, now he is exiled on earth with those who distrust him. He must not continue without a reason in life, so he goes to live in a small village.

But man does not trust that which he does not understand. Although one man defends him, the others cast the Surfer out. The Silver Surfer tries a more civilized town, but they drive him off as well. The Surfer decides he cannot live in a world without reason any longer. He longs for freedom and the love he left behind, Shalla-Bal.

And at that very moment, across the universe, Shalla-Bal too, is thinking of her love, Norrin Radd. Would she ever see him again? She must not lose hope, as Norrin would tell her. But across the universe, the Surfer declares he will have self pity no longer--he must try to unite humanity with each other.

Then he notices an alien space ship traveling toward Earth! It enters one of Earth's larger cites, but people do not seem to notice, for whoever is inside has made their space craft invisible. But they cannot conceal their identity from the Silver Surfer. The Surfer tries to warn the crowd, but they do not trust him and put him in prison (he doesn't use his power against them because it would kill them). Once in prison, he calls his board to him and escapes.

The Surfer finds the alien craft. Inside are the Brotherhood of Badoon. Although the Silver Surfer has never met the Badoon, he has heard of its name in fear. But they try to convince him their intentions are for good.

Suddenly, a human girl warns him of their real intentions. They had tortured her, trying to learn about earth's customs, and soon they would destroy earth. The Silver Surfer takes the girl and flees the area, but the Badoon give him only 24 hours before they will kill him. The girl the Silver Surfer rescues reminds him of his Shalla-Bal. The girl is unconscious, so the Surfer puts her in a protective field and sends her floating back to Earth's surface. Late, the Badoon find the Silver Surfer and attack him with their space craft. The Silver Surfer knows he could destroy their alien craft, but too many humans would be injured. He tells the Badoon they have only one chance to leave the planet. This only gets the Badoon madder, so they send out their weapon of weapons--the Monster Badoon.

The monster charges toward the Surfer, but Silver Surfer's speed is too much for him. The monster then tries to hit the Surfer with lethal ray blasts, but it is blocked with the Surfers board. The Silver Surfer charges toward him with his board, and the monster grabs him in return. The Silver Surfer recovers and blasts the monster. The monster has no chance and the Badoon recall him so he is not destroyed.

What the Silver Surfer does not know is that the monster could not be seen by the human eye. Thus, the people assume the Surfer has lost his mind and begin to attack him while the Badoon attempt to flee Earth. The US military attacks the Silver Surfer (assuming he's crazy and dangerous), but the Silver Surfer is too fast. He soars toward the Badoon's invisible ship, hoping it will be hit, but their force field blocks the missiles launched from earth.

Noticing the force field, the Surfer penetrates the force field, hoping it will help him break through Galactus' barrier. Then the Silver Surfer remembers the girl he saved earlier. She will die if he doesn't attend to her. The Silver Surfer begins to heal her, but the ignorance of humanity attacks again, as they believe he is harming her.

Comments: Stan Lee and John Buscema do an excelent job on this book, making it one of my favorite books ever.  It really shows the nature of man and the nobleness of the Silver Surfer.

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Written by James Pedrick


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