CoverSilver Surfer #3, Vol. 1
Published by Marvel Comics

October, 1968

"The Power and the Prize"

Writer: Stan Lee
Penciling: John Buscema
Inks: Joe Sinnott
Letters: Sam Rosen

Original Price: $0.25
Current Value: $130.00

History Behind Issue: If I had to pick one guy that the Silver Surfer hates the most, I would have to choose this guy.  Heck, he's the spitting image of the devil himself, who couldn't like him.

Plot: The Silver Surfer brings the unconscious woman (from issue #2) to the hospital. But the police believe he is responsible for her injuries. They shoot at him. But their shots do not harm the Silver Surfer. The Surfer does not comprehend why humans keep substituting force for understanding. He destroys their weapons and then swears vengeance on mankind. He covers the Earth with a field of energy, preventing it from using electricity and turning the Earth into darkness.

But another is watching him, Mephisto, the Prince of Darkness. He notices a panic on Earth and the Silver Surfer is responsible. It's been a long time since he has ever seen such goodness. He must stop him, he must find a way to get to him. He will, through Shalla-Bal. The Lord of Evil tempts Shalla-Bal into coming with him to Earth to see Norrin Radd once more.

Meanwhile, the Silver Surfer, realizing he is just as bad as mankind for attacking them, withdraws his field of energy. Suddenly, he notices a spacecraft from Zenn La which holds the evil Mephisto and his beloved Shalla-Bal. The humans attack the spacecraft. Silver Surfer stops them, but Shalla-Bal is injured and becomes unconscious during the attack. All going by Mephisto's plan. Mephisto leaves the fallen spacecraft as the Silver Surfer approaches. He heals his beloved, but she warns him that Mephisto is just using her to get to him. At that, Mephisto appears and threatens to kill the Silver Surfer because his goodness could destroy his plan to ruin humanity.

But the Surfer must die at a place of Mephisto's choice. Thus, he is forced to follow Mephisto (who has Shalla-Bal into his domain. Mephisto warns him not to resist him or he will harm Shalla-Bal.) He tempts the Surfer with greed, lust and power, but the Surfer does not concede. He is attacked by the Mephisto's creatures, but he will not surrender. The Silver Surfer resists all of the Mephisto's temptation.

Mephisto cannot withstand the Surfer's goodness any longer. He offers the Surfer one more chance. He will send Shalla-Bal back to Zenn-La, separating them once more, if he does not surrender his soul. The Silver Surfer resists and is separated from his love again. Mephisto admits defeat, but they shall meet again and the Surfer shall fall.

Comments: Honestly, this would have to be my favorite Silver Surfer story ever!   Mephisto makes the perfect villain and no one has best written and drawn this nemisis of the Surfer's since the premiere of him by Stan Lee and John Buscema.

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Written by James Pedrick


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