Louise Simonson is the writer of the upcoming new mini-series, Galactus: The Devourer.  I have asked her a few questions about her new mini-series..  This is the second part of my "interview" with her through e-mail, with more to come!  If you would like to have a question asked to her, send her a letter using our "Send Louise Simonson A Letter" form.  Be sure to also check out part one of my interview, where she reveals how the mini-series got started and all the set backs it went through before being known as Galactus: The Devourer.

How many other Marvel cosmic beings should we expect to see in this mini-series?

In the first six-issue series? Galactus, the Surfer, Red Shift (the new herald) and Mantis. Other heralds (maybe!) The Watcher (probably!) (Plenty of cosmic beings for six issues!)

Non-cosmic beings include the FF, Avengers, Spiderman, Shi'ar dudes including Lilandra and Gladiator ... and a few stray Kree. <g>

In the second six-issue series (which is going to be the MOST FUN, if sales warrant it) ... Red Shift, Mephisto, the Watcher, others too ... but that might give stuff away ... plus a new major bad-guy (don't want to reveal more than this for now...)

Will this explain everything there is to know about the existence of Galactus?

Everything there is to know about a character who has existed for millions (maybe billions) of years...?!! I don't think so!

Though the answers to the questions--Why, after all this time, should Galactus have chosen to create a herald? Why choose Norrin Radd specifically for this task? Why has everything that has happened to him happened for a reason...and shaped him into the being he MUST BECOME!

The second series will then deal more thoroughly with these questions--Why create a herald? Why choose Norrin Radd? --and their ramifications (which are cosmic ... and beyond!! How could they not be?)

In addition the second series will answer the question: Why MUST Galactus exist. Why is his existence vital to the survival of our Universe?

Will this have permanent changes in the character of the Silver Surfer?

Oh, yeah! Big time!  In series one, the first couple of issues establish the Surfer's present situation ... then a MAJOR change occurs issues #3... setting into play a series of events that bring the Surfer to a major realization in #4... another in #5, culminating in a HUGE, EPIC change in #6.  Which sets up the second arc ... with major events which will blow your minds!

Who is Red Shift?
You'll find out in a month ... sort of. In the second series, you'll find out even more. But to tell you who he is...and why he is ... would give too much stuff away!

Can you give us a little bit of information on what type of character we should expect from him?

Powers over powers, specifically.

How much is Mantis's involvement in this mini-series?

She appears in Galactus the Destroyer #4... (and to say more would give too much away!) Sorry.

Will Mantis and the Surfer get back together?

Like I'm gonna tell you that! <g?>

What has it been like working with John Buscema?

John's a gas to work with. As most folks know, he retired a few years ago. A great loss to us, industry wide.  But now he's bored with retirement. (Yeaaaa!) He still travels a lot.. goes to Europe ... teaches in Italy...but when a project comes along that interests him, he'll do it.  I was really glad the Surfer project interested him. He joined the series with issue #2 ((the issue that intros Galactus's new herald, Red Shift) which he said was "a real good plot." I was really flattered and pleased, as you can imagine.  He penciled issue two quickly and in brilliant detail.  Three is even better...major appearances by the FF, the Avengers, and Spiderman. I think it's where he and Bill Sienkiewicz really dazzle!   Pencils on #4 (Mantis!!!!) look really fab. Can't wait to script that one...but I have to do Warlock first (which ain't such a hardship, don't get me wrong! It's really fun to do, too, in an entirely different vein.)  John's now drawing #5! It's gonna be SOOOO COOOOOOL!

Do you think Silver Surfer fans will enjoy this series?

Gosh, I hope so. The few pros I've sworn to secrecy and told about the series certainly seem to. (Of course, when the readers see what's going to happen, a few may want to lynch me. Attitudes, concerns, and agendas of fans and pros CAN differ widely.) <g>

Do you expect other Marvel fans to enjoy this series?

Most fans have a soft spot in their hearts for the Surfer anyway.  It's a very Cosmic story.  It's got lots of guest stars (takes a lot of heroes to deal with Galactus.)  It has art by Buscema and Sienkiewicz. It has a strong concept, powerful conflicts (both external and internal), lots of action and high emotional drama.  And it introduces major changes into the life of the Surfer ... and alters the status quo of the whole Marvel universe.  What's not to enjoy? <g>

More Questions & Answers in our interview with mini-series editor Bobbie Chase!


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