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This is your place for the latest news, editorials, and interviews concerning the Silver Surfer.  Look for articles that will deal with the Silver Surfer and other Marvel characters from the cosmic universe with previews of their upcoming comic books, as well as previews of what to expect on this website.  If you would like to contribute a news item or editorial to this website, e-mail  Below are a list of the latest news, articles, editorials, and interviews.

This just in...
  • NEWSFLASH: Bob Harris Fired From Marvel!
  • Morrison Talks FF and Silver Surfer 2001 Projects
  • Silver Surfer to star in Defenders series!
  • News on Silver Surfer & Upcoming Maximum Security
  • Latest News on Galactus Sequel
  • Louise Simonson Gets Go-Ahead At Galactus Sequel
  • Past Items...
  • Interview with Galactus Editor Bobbie Chase
  • Preview of Galactus #6 added to Preview Page
  • NEWS: Silver Surfer A Marvel Knight?!
  • Interview: With Louise Simonson, Part 2
  • NEWS: Preview of Galactus #2-5
  • News: Silver Surfer Movie Gets New Writer
  • Article: And Now A Word From Our Sponsors...
  • Interview: With Louise Simonson, Part 1
  • News: Preview of Galactus #1-3
  • News: A Preview of Silver Surfer: Loftier Than Mortals Mini-Series Coming In August
  • News: Preview of Galactus #1-2
  • News: Preview of Galactus #1
  • Article: DC Comics Cracks Down on Fan Sites!
  • Release Date and Herald Revealed for Galactus #1
  • News: More Info on Galactus & New Graphic Novel!
  • News: Silver Surfer/Galactus Mini-Series Update!
  • News: Silver Surfer Maxi-Series Split into Two, Surfer to appear in Web-Spinners!
  • News: Louise Simonson Talks About New Maxi!
  • Article: Secrets Behind Starlin, DeMatteis, And Galactus's Absences from the Silver Surfer title!
  • Interview: Animated Series Writer Larry Brody
  • Interview: Animated Series Writer Mark Steven Gregory
  • Article: The Future Is Here!
  • News: Silver Surfer Canceled, New Maxi-Series for 1999
  • News: Silver Surfer Animated Series Canceled

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