NEWSFLASH: Bob Harris Fired From Marvel!  Joe Quesada Hired!
Written by James "Marvelite" Pedrick
Added August 29, 2000

Comics Newsrama is reporting the following rumor, more information coming soon:

Comics’ industry insiders began buzzing late this afternoon when reports of Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras’ exit from Marvel Comics hit the rumor circuit. Writer Warren Ellis was first online to mention the possible exit or firing, telling readers of his Delphi message board forums at about 6:30PM this evening, "I`ve just heard that Bob Harras left Marvel at 3pm EST today. No details."

Though the report has circulated among many industry sources and appears credible, Newsarama has been unable to reach officials from Marvel for confirmation or denial of the report.

Further industry speculation and rumors suggest Marvel Knights head Joe Quesada may be in line for the reportedly vacant position.

More details as they develop…  

Marvel Comics Confirms Quesada as new Editor-in-Chief.

Ending 18 hours of rumors, speculation and near confirmation, this afternoon Marvel Comics officially confirmed that writer/artist and Marvel Knights head Joe Quesada has been named the publisher’s new Editor-in-Chief.

In a statement issued by the publisher, Bill Jemas, Marvel`s President of Publishing, Licensing & New Media confirmed Quesada has been "promoted to lead editorial operations."

"Recognized in the industry as one of today’s premiere comic book editors and creators, Mr. Quesada is charged with guiding the editorial direction for Marvel`s world renowned superhero franchises, including Spider-Man, X-Men, The Hulk and The Fantastic Four," read the announcement. "He takes over the reins after serving as the Editor-in-Chief of the Marvel Knights imprint for the past two years. During that time, Mr. Quesada turned Marvel Knights into a lightning rod for talent, attracting such well-known writers and artists as Kevin Smith, Brian Bendis, Bob Gale, Grant Morrison, Garth Ennis, Paul Jenkins, Jae Lee and Mark Millar. His editorial accomplishments with Marvel Knights include revitalizing The Punisher and Daredevil series and turning them back into top sellers for the company.

"We are dedicated to fulfilling our mission as the `House of Ideas’ and feel that Joe is the perfect visionary to achieve this lofty standard. Joe’s accomplishments speak for themselves. He is a creative genius, a gifted recruiter and manager of talent, and has experience in all facets of the comic world. We will be looking to him to bring to our entire line the same level of creativity that has turned Marvel Knights into an award-winning and top-selling imprint," said Jemas.

"Quesada, who currently resides in New York City and in Sparta, NJ, has done work for every major comic book company - including DC, Dark Horse, Image, Valiant and Topps - during his award-winning career," continued the announcement. "Prior to joining Marvel, he helped launch Event Comics whose flagship character Ash – a firefighter who is also a superhero -- was an immediate best-seller and has been optioned to Steven Spielberg’s Dreamworks to become an animated feature.

"Further underscoring its commitment to the company's core publishing business", Marvel also announced it has created an internal editorial board whose mission will be to "develop a unified editorial content direction for all of Marvel Enterprises". Made up of Quesada, Jemas and Senior Vice President of Publishing Frank Fochetta, the editorial board will work closely with Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer and Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad to assess the company`s publishing programs on a regular basis. In addition to the main superhero comic lines directed by Quesada, the board will also evaluate third party publishing opportunities to be overseen by Fochetta, and new media content initiatives to be spearheaded by Jemas.

Conclued Marvel, addressing the status of former E-I-C Bob Harras, Former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Bob Harras is expected to remain with the company as an editorial advisor on high-profile special projects."

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