Maxi-Series Split in Two, Silver Surfer to appear in Web-Spinners!
written by James Pedrick a.k.a. Marvelite
Added November 22nd, 1998

According to writer Louise Simonson, the twelve issue maxi-series called Silver Surfer/Galactus will be split into two six issue mini-series.  Marvel hopes the new plan will help maximize sales.  It also allows them to cancel the second mini-series if the first one's sales are low.

Also, the following new story came from AnotherUniverse:

WEBSPINNERS: TALES OF SPIDER-MAN's second story arc is taking another swing into the wall-crawlers past, this time in a story that also wraps up some loose ends never tied in the SILVER SURFER's history. In a 3-issue story arc beginning in issue #4 in February by Keith Giffen and Eric Stephenson, the question of whatever happened immediately after the close of 1970's SILVER SURFER #18 - that series' last issue - is answered. Marvel historians will remember the Surfer, frustrated over the violent nature of mankind, had a bit of a temper-tantrum, and in a well remembered last panel illustrated by Jack Kirby, promised to kick some human butt. But in the Surfer's next appearance, SUB-MARINER #34, writer Roy Thomas pretty much dismissed that plotline by explaining the Surfer simply calmed down eventually.

Giffen and Stephenson have imagined an untold story resolving that plotline wherein the Surfer meets SPIDER-MAN in NYC, as well as the emotion-controlling villain the Psychoman.


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