Silver Surfer: The Future is Here!
written by James Pedrick a.k.a. Marvelite
Added August 21st, 1998

The Silver Surfer Website has moved to its new location at This new location will allow us to expand into a greater community dedicated to the Sentinel of the Spaceways.

Web Designers James Pedrick, also known as Marvelite, and Mark Byrn, the imfamous ByrnSurfer, are also being joined by J.S. Johnston, known to Message Board visitors as Lord Thanos, who is bringing his website of great art and great reviews and profiles to this site. Lord Thanos has the great talent of making images from your favorite artists into awesome images on your computer with top quality scanning and skillful editing and redesigning, he has included actual images from space into the background of artwork of your favorite characters. Look for images he created, edited, and formatted himself in our profiles and his new picture gallery. Also look for new profiles of heralds of Galactus and members of the Infinity Watch written by Lord Thanos, as well as new reviews of comics and cartoon episodes in the near future.

Another great addition is the new Twilight War fan fiction series, presented by this site in conjunction with the Thanos: Mad Titan Website. The weekly series by Warren "Azmodi" Entros consists of 20 chapters featuring the Silver Surfer against Thanos and the Dark Silver Surfer. Also in this story a large cast of supporting characters. Each chapter is also accompanied by a dazling piece of artwork by J.S. Johnstron and Thanos: Mad Titan website's Randall Lilly.

We have also added the new Silver Surfer Store, with a large selection of comics for sale (every issue from #15-50 of Vol. 3 plus more!) and rare varient comic, Silver Age comics, and comics autographed by Ron Lim, Ron Garney, or George Perez!  Each of the comics are marked at 20-45% off the Wizard value and all sales go toward paying for this site's web service.  And, if you can't find what you're looking for here or you want to sell your own comics (must be Silver Surfer related), send an e-mail to and we'll add it to the upcoming Wantlist and Classifieds sections.

And still available are all the other great sections of this site. We’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to this site in its past.  My apology to anyone I left out:

Alvaro Azmodi Corrado Bendinelli Larry Brody
The Collector Corvus J.M. DeMatteis Todd Dominik
Doom8008 Galactus3 Mark Gregory Kyle503
Renee Langan Rick Lundeen Lord Thanos Marvelite
MHamilton Mystic Norrin2112 Red Norvell
Mark Rosendorf Louise Simonson Tom Smith Soul Gems

and all of the regular posters at the Silver Surfer Message Board

And thanks to the following websites:

CFAN: Comic Fan Fiction ZENtertainment Ultraverse: A New Twist
Soul Gems: The Power of Adam Warlock and Randy's Thanos: The Mad Titan


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