Morrison Talks 2001 FF and Silver Surfer Projects
Written by James "Marvelite" Pedrick
Added August 29, 2000

Grant Morrison explained some of his plans for his Fantastic Four mini-series and Silver Surfer one-shot planned for 2001 to Comics Newsrama.  Below is their article on the projects:

First up in 2001 is the Marvel Knights four-issue Fantastic Four: 1, 2, 3, 4 limited series with artist Jae Lee, announced earlier this month at the Wizardworld Chicago comics convention. We already heard much about the writer’s personal views about the background personal dynamics of the superteam, so this time Newsarama asked him to describe the series in ways that won’t be up for readers interpretation.

"Imagine Chris Ware and Jack Kirby had come up with the FF," explained Morrison. "The story`s set out of continuity and takes place at some nebulous time when all main players and the Baxter Building were intact and on the same planet at the same time. Avoiding shifting, self-strangling `continuity` problems was the only way I could write this with any degree of originality. Hopefully people will accept it simply as an untold tale of the Fantastic Four."

Each issue will tell a part of the story from the POV of one of the FF members. Part one is Ben Grimm’s story,`Once Upon A Time In Yancy Street`. Part two is "Staring at the Fishtank", with Sue as the main character. Three has Johnny in "Darkness and the Mole Man" and part four has Reed "with all the twists and stretchy plot turns you won`t expect from a story about a stretchable man. "

"The whole project has a very different, darker atmosphere from anything we`ve seen before with the FF but I think it works, particularly with Jae`s style. The characters have really come alive for me by rethinking them along these lines…No `It`s Clobberin` Time`, no `Revoltin` development` and none of the other grab bag of clichés and catchphrases which have all too often passed for characterization in the last 30 years."

The main villain of course, is none other than the good Doctor Doom.

"How could I pass up the opportunity to write the greatest comic book villain ever created?" Morrison asked rhetorically. "The Mole Man and Prince Namor are also involved. I don`t want to spoil any surprises but you`ll see all your favorite characters in a new light and, among other things, we’ll be revealing the shocking secret truth behind the `origin` of Doctor Doom."

"And Jae Lee is drawing it!!!!"

Morrison also says as far as he’s concerned, you will be seeing that Silver Surfer one-shot also mentioned in Chicago.

"Hopefully for release later next year," said the writer, "It`s got misery, madness and apocalyptic destruction on a cosmic scale so Christmas would be nice."

"It`s a whole new look at the Surfer. I found an angle with the character that I`m very surprised no one`s ever noticed or dealt with before to my knowledge. The bleeding-heart chrome plated space hippy of Stan`s 60s stories has seemed increasingly irrelevant with the passage of time and fashion so I`m trying to do something that`s a little closer to Jack Kirby`s concept of the Surfer as a chilling, inhuman angel of annihilation. Think of this as a weird kind of YEAR ZERO project where we get a look at what Norrin Radd and Galactus were doing before their fateful visit to Earth and their encounter with the FF."

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