Silver Surfer a Marvel Knight?!
Added July 30, 1999

The following was taken from Another Universe's Daily Buzz, an excellent source for daily comic book and sci-fi entertainment news.  The image was drawn by Joe Quesada and is from the Marvel vs. DC trading card set by Fleer/Skybox.

Ellison a Marvel Knight?

by Matt Brady

Harlan Ellison a Marvel Knight? Maybe. While at the Heroes Convention in Charlotte in June, acclaimed science fiction, fantasy, short story and all-to infrequent comic book writer Harlan Ellison told a crowd of fans that he may return to comic writing with Marvel Knights.

According to Ellison, he has had a discussion with Joe Quesada about adapting an unproduced script he wrote for Fox Kids' short-lived Silver Surfer animated series as a Silver Surfer one-shot under the Marvel Knights banner, perhaps penciled by Quesada.

While the prospect of an Ellison-penned Surfer story has both Surfer and Ellison fans wiping up pools of drool, don't look for it anytime soon. Word from the Knights office is that at this stage, it's still in the 'wouldn't it be nice?' stage, and due to the hectic schedules of both Ellison and the Marvel Knights teams, the project has seen little movement since the intital discussion.


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