Secrets behind the absence of Starlin, DeMatteis, and the mighty Galactus himself!
written by James Pedrick a.k.a. Marvelite
Added September 19th, 1998

Did you ever wonder where Jim Starlin went? Or why J.M. DeMatteis left the Silver Surfer book? And why haven’t we seen a whole lot of Galactus in current Marvel continuity? The answer lies in the offices of Marvel Comics.

After a time of absence from the comic community, Jim Starlin offered to come back to Marvel Comics with a brand new story featuring Adam Warlock and Thanos, but his proposal was rejected. Editor In Chief, Bob Harris, decided Jim Starlin was not right for those characters anymore. Thus, Starlin left for DC Comics and Awesome Entertainment.

J.M. DeMatteis recently left the Silver Surfer comic book series. Why? He says Marvel Comics wanted a big event to boost sales, while he would rather deal with characters. And when asked about Galactus, J.M. DeMatteis said he had Galactus in the story revolving around Zenn-La’s disappearance from the beginning, but the "Powers That Be" didn’t want that original script and wanted the Galactus from our current time left out of the saga. His earlier script may have actually played better with readers who were skeptic of what was published at the end.

While this may not seem fair, Marvel Comics have the right and many times need to reject proposals that come across their desk. But in retrospect, their decisions are questionable. One wonders if he could do it all over again, would Bob Harris still have rejected Jim Starlin from scribing Warlock and Thanos once more.

On another note, Galactus will play a much larger part in the upcoming Silver Surfer maxi-series, which is now being called Silver Surfer/Galactus. It will be written by Louise Simonson and pencilled by Jon J. Muth.


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