Animated Series Canceled!
written by James Pedrick a.k.a. Marvelite
Added August 18th, 1998

I hope you didn’t miss any episodes of the Silver Surfer Animated series’ first season, because they will not be aired again. The Silver Surfer series, which aired from February through May of 1998, has been pulled off the air by maker Saban, sighting differences with Marvel Comics. Not long after, Fox, which aired the series, halted all developments with Marvel Comics on animated series until Marvel’s financial situation was resolved. As a result, no reruns are being shown of the Silver Surfer, no video cassettes of episodes will be produced, and no new episodes of the Silver Surfer will be made.

That also means we will not see a conclusion to the last episode, "The End of Eternity." Fortunately, writer Larry Brody, has added the script for what would be the fourteenth episode, to his TV Writers website at This script explains how Silver Surfer saves the universe which was destroyed in the last episode of the season.

There is still a chance that the Silver Surfer Animated Series will return, but it does not likely.

But if anything changes, you’ll hear it here first!


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