Silver Surfer/Galactus Mini-Series Update
written by James Pedrick a.k.a. Marvelite
Added December 2nd, 1998

The following comes straight from AnotherUniverse:

Silver Surfer Series Mutates
by Michael Doran

Nobody familiar with the current state of Marvel Comics should be surprised that most things at the House of Ideas are susceptible to change at any given moment...and one upcoming project previously reported by Newsarama has indeed gone though some mutation. According to writer Louise Simonson, her upcoming SILVER SURFER/GALACTUS limited series with artist Jon J. Muth, now entitled GALACTUS THE DEVOURER, has gone through some rethinking since last we heard. Once an ongoing series, then a 12 issue maxi-series, it's now slated as a 6-issue mini. We'll let Simonson explain the alteration process...

"As you know, the entire original 12 issues were initially accepted as part of the regular Silver Surfer series," explained 'Weezie'. "Then the series was canceled and our story became a Silver Surfer/Galactus maxi-series. Then Marvel decided (and I concur, based on Marvel's present financial situation and the difficulties of the marketplace) that the story would work better as two more or less consecutive six-issue mini-series...Part One featuring the EVENT...Part Two featuring the CONSEQUENCES, which creates a NEW event and status quo."

"The first 6-issue mini-series is cosmic, and will answer the questions: Why did Galactus need a herald..? Why choose Norinn Radd above all others to be his first (and true) Herald? What is the true Herald's true purpose?"

"The second mini-series (even more cosmic! Sheesh!) reveals a purpose of the Herald beyond which has been revealed (and more cosmic and encompassing than the Surfer has ever imagined.) It will answer the question (hinted at in the famous Trial of Galactus storyline by John Byrne): what is GALACTUS' true purpose? Why is it vitally important to our universe that Galactus exist?"

"Both series will have lots of guest stars and ties to other books (though the Galactus stories can be read and be thoroughly understood without buying other titles). The first issue - a (mostly) Earthbound story - will feature the Fantastic Four and most of the Avengers and set up Galactus as the Devourer. Issue #2 introduces a New Herald."

Expect the first 6-issue mini to debut this spring.

(c) 1998 Newsarama


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