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It's Prime Time!Prime has always been a favorite character of mine.  His adventures by Gerald Jones and Len Strazewski in Malibu's Ultraverse were fantastic!

So, when Ultraverse: A New Twist, a fan fiction group based on the Ultraverse, began, I jumped on board to write Prime. Though the fan site is not completely active, there are still new Prime stories from time to time.

Below, you can access my first nine issue series Prime: A New Twist. This series basically follows some of the early stories of Ultraverse's Prime, while putting some new twists into the story.

After deciding Prime was introduced well enough to any new readers, I decided to work on some new stories that did not follow the same pattern as the comic books, while still featuring and introducing characters from the Prime comic book series. These issues are called Prime: The New Adventures. The stories first appeared in the summer of 1999 but the first storyline, "Welcome to the Big Apple" was never completed... until now! I am proud to present the last two issues of the "Welcome to the Big Apple" storyline and will be putting up new storylines as I complete them. Issue #3 is now available with issue #4 going up next week! I am also finishing my Liberty - Legend of World War II mini-series, a storyline taking place in the Ultraverse's World War II era. Please visit the Liberty Web Page for more information.

If you are interested, write some stories of Prime and send them to me and I will add them below.  I am also interested in posting reviews of past Prime issues by Malibu Comics.  If you are interested, you can contact me at 

Also, for those of you with a good memory. Next year is the Ultraverse's Tenth Anniversary! So, while we cannot be posting regular titles anymore, I would be more than happy to post any stories, if completed fully, or link to any stories that celebrate the Ultraverse's Tenth Anniversary next year (2003). If you are interested, let me know at One such story that will hopefully get created is PRIME : TRIBUTE. Check out the preview site, where you can join an e-mail list to be told when the story is available, by clicking on the logo below!

T  R  I  B  U  T  E


New Issues

Prime: The New Adventures #1 - It's the beginning of new adventures for Prime, as his 13-year old alter ego, Kevin Green, and his mother move to New York City.  Now Kevin has to adjust to a new school and a new city, and he has to decide how his 7-foot alter ego will make his first appearance in his new home as well.  Plus, the introduction of some terrorists who make their mark on the Big Apple in a BIG way.

Prime: The New Adventures #2 - Kevin's new school is visited by terrorists!  Can Prime stop them without revealing his identity?  And who's behind these recent attacks on the Big Apple... and what are his long term goals?

Prime: The New Adventures #3 - It's a turning point for Prime in Part 3 of "Welcome to the Big Apple!" Things have gone good for Kevin Green. New York City loves Prime, his mother is happier than she has been in quite a while, and Kevin Green is developing some strong friendships in Junior High. But will things rosy for Prime, or does the Mind Shaper have other plans?

Prime: The New Adventures #4 - "Welcome to the Big Apple" concludes here! But this time, Prime is the bad guy and none other than Liberty, the Legend of World War II, comes to take him down as the two battle it out in front of the world! Who will survive? And will the public ever trust Prime again?

Also check out the Liberty - Legend of World War II Web Page for more of my Ultraverse fan fiction!

Prime: A New Twist

Prime starred in this nine issue fan fiction series from June 1998 - May 1999.  See "The Story So Far" for a summary of what happened.

Prime: A New Twist #1
Prime: A New Twist #2
Prime: A New Twist #3
Prime: A New Twist #4
Prime: A New Twist #5
Prime: A New Twist #6
Maxi-Man Special #1
Prime: A New Twist #7
Prime: A New Twist #8
Power of Prime Special #1
Prime: A New Twist #9
Strangers: A New Twist #10
Primevil: One-Shot #1

Profiles of characters from Prime: The New Twist issues
(with pictures!)

Profile of Kevin Green/Prime
Profile of Russell Green
Profile of Martha Green
Profile of Kelly Cantrell
Profile of Doctor Gross
Profile of Colonel Samuels
Profile of Jim Powers
Profile of Scott
Profile of Duey/Organism 8
Profile of Billy Stephens/Maxi-Man

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