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Prime: A New Twist #1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Biographical Description

Real Name: Kelly Cantrell
Age: 13
Residence: Canoga Park, California
School: JFK Jr. High School
Reletives: Mrs. Cantrell (her mom)
Friends and Allies: Courtney, Kevin, Prime
Enemies: Coach Meyers, Maxi-Man, Colonel Samuels

Physical Description

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 80 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Nationality: Caucasian

Her story thus far:

Kelly has known Kevin her whole life. She hasn’t known her father that long though. Mr. Cantrell left her and her mother when she was only two. Since, she has been raised alone by her mother. Kelly has always been the most popular and attractive in her class, but has also never stopped being a good friend of Kevin.

One day, though, her P.E. teacher, Coach Meyers, touched her and other Junior High girls in the wrong places. She has always felt ashamed and dirty for what he had done to her. One day, Kevin Green saw this happen and then transformed into the ultra called Prime. Prime later attacked Coach Meyers and told Kelly never to be afraid, but she was. But afterward, she began to find an interest in Prime, but then passed it off, knowing that he must be in his twenties or thirties. But, Prime began showing an interest in her. One day, he took Kelly for a ride. Flying her across Canoga Park, when suddenly a huge monster (Organism 8) attacked them. In the middle of the battle, she ran away frantically to her best friend, Courtney’s, house. There, she explained the whole story, but Courtney thought it was strange that an adult was fining an interest in Kelly, and so did Kelly. Later, Kelly was walking with Kevin, when Maxi-Man, or what seemed to be the cartoon character named Maxi-Man, showed up. Then everything turned to chaos, and Prime showed up once more. Prime battled Maxi-Man and defeated him, but then began to melt. Kelly was hysteric, not knowing what happened, when Colonel Samuels came by and took Prime away. Kelly really didn’t know what to think then. But when Kevin had disappeared again, at the same time Prime was seen in northern California, Kelly knew the two had to be connected. And she learned they were when later that night Prime fell in her yard. He was unconscious and beginning to melt like before! She came closer and noticed a body inside, it was Kevin Green.

She took him inside and got him a towel to cover his naked body. He awoke and the two talked for a little bit. She admitted she was actually relieved that Kevin was Prime and not an adult. But their conversation was cut short by Colonel Samuels, who came to take Kevin away. They dragged Kevin off and knocked Kelly’s mom unconscious. As quickly as they arrived, they were gone. Kelly was scared to death. She did not know what to do. She ran out the door screaming. Meanwhile, her mother decided she did not want to live in this crummy city anymore.

At the end, Prime managed to defeat the enemy, Samuels, and win the girl, Kelly. But Kevin soon found out that his being Prime was not a blessing to his feelings for Kelly.  Kelly was uncertain she wanted to put herself and her mother in danger by being associated with Kevin or his ultra-alter ego.  Now, Kevin has moved to New York City, and Kelly is not returning his phone calls.


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