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Prime: A New Twist #2, 3, & 4, Primevil #1

Biographical Description

Real Name: Vince Gross
Age: 48
Residence: Canoga Park, California
Occupation: Fertility Doctor
Friends and allies: Duey, Organism 8, Colonel Samuels (former)
Enemies: Prime, Colonel Samuels, Russell Green

Physical Description

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Nationality: Caucasian

His story thus far:

Doctor Gross was assigned to a government project, designed to strengthen the life of humans. But somehow, Gross came up with a way of building new ultra soldiers. His project was joined by Colonel Samuels, and funded by the military as a top secret project. Many of his first experiments were unsuccessful and led to the miscarriages of many babies and the death of many women. Many of those that did survive were deformed and retarded and lived for the maximum of one year. Soon, a group of senators discovered information about the program and threatened to hold hearings. The program was quickly shut down. But reopened by Samuels and Gross, along with a third party, a private investor whose identity is unknown.

The new program came closer to their goal and had many successful births, but they would not know if these people would result in successful ultra soldiers until they reached puberty. In 1987, investigators came close to catching Gross and Samuels. Samuels fled, with no evidence linking him to the project. Gross destroyed all evidence, including all files which would allow them to keep track of their subjects. Still, he was placed under arrest, but all charged were dropped due to lack of evidence. He went on to continue his job as fertility doctor until 1998, when Prime showed up. Gross was convinced Prime was one of his creations ans sent one of his failed creations, Organism 8, to capture him. They captured Prime, but Prime defeated Gross. Prime accidently blew the entire laboratory they were staying up. He thought Gross and his assistant, Duey, to be dead, but the two really survived, with Gross severely injured.

Duey took care of Gross, who was so injured, he had to perform his experiments on himself.  He created a new ultra-body for himself, which was really unstable.  He now had to capture Prime, so he could find the correct DNA for saving his own life.  He tricked Kevin's father, Russell Green, into bringing Prime from his new home in New York to San Fransisco.  But after capturing Prime, he was attacked by Primevil, who had its own plans for Prime's life.  Dr. Gross's unstable body was injured in the attack and Russell Green finished him off.


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