Primevil #1
May, 1999

"Gross Encounters"

Written by James Pedrick
Edited by Lex
Created by Gerald Jones and Len Strazewski
Property of Malibu Comics

Continued from Strangers: A New Twist #10...

It hovers above the city of San Francisco, searching for a young boy named Kevin Green. It had lived inside the boy for far too long. It was an alien being, born from a DNA code placed inside the boy. The same code which made him a super hero. But when it failed to gain control of the boy, it escaped.

He exited the cave, where he had been resting and hiding. He had to get where his dad was. He could feel energy built up inside. He knew he would be able to transform into Prime by now.

He clinched his fists together, pushing the goop out of his chest, until it had molded into the ultra-hero known as Prime. He then took off... to see his dad.

Miles away, the creature could feel the presence of his counter-part. The young boy it was searching for had transformed into that which the creature now seeks.

Prime landed at the old building some twenty miles out of town, in the middle of nowhere, which fit the description his dad had given him. He opened the door...


"DAD!" Prime cried out, as he found his father locked in a large cage, made for a large animal. "What happened?"

"Leave Kevin! It was all a set up! I didn’t know... not until it was too late!"

"No... Please... stay," said a voice from the corner of the room.

Prime turned to face the voice to his left. "That voice... It can’t be."

"Yes, son..." The figure came from the shadows. "Father is back!"

He looked much different now, but Kevin knew who it was... it was Doctor Gross. His body no longer looked like the fat, middle-aged man he once was, but instead, he looked like another Prime... gone wrong. His face was dripping, as if it were melting. Gross had to reshape it with his hands whenever it turned deformed. He now had a white suit, much like that of a doctor’s. But Kevin could tell it was all part of... him, just like his Prime costume was all part of his Prime-body.

"What happened to you?!"

"You almost killed me in that explosion*, son. But Duey saved me. He fixed me. Gave me a new body, like your’s! But it’s not perfect, son. Only you have the perfect body..."


(*See Prime: A New Twist #4)

"Stop calling me son!" Prime felt confident. He took on Doctor Gross before, and Gross wasn’t in any shape to give him a fight.

"But you are my son! You are my perfect creation!" Gross looked over Prime’s head. "Duey! Give Prime his welcome home present."

Duey, an ugly creature who was one of Gross’s original experiments and closest servant, came from behind and injected Prime in his shoulder.

"What are you doing?" Prime turned around and knocked Duey away from him. But he was too late. Soon, Kevin began to grow tired... until he fell to the ground.

The creature could sense he was getting closer. It could sense itself following its path. It arrived at a cemetery. It went into a cave, sensing he was following the same path of its prey. There is found a puddle of goop.

"Yesss..." it hissed. It was is running low on energy, needed to keep it alive. It picked up the goop with its large hands. It stuck its sharp claws at the end of his fingers into the goop, as its massive tongue swooped the goop up. The energy, which was left in Prime’s goop, recharged it, but it increased its hunger for more as well.

It flew out of the cave, landing in the middle of the cemetery. Three boys were playing in the cemetery. Each about eleven. They all stopped from their running when they saw the large creature. Its figure was huge. Its skin was a dark grey and its chest was stamped with a large symbol, which looked much like Prime’s, but a dark yellow. On its back was a torn cape, which looked as if it was a piece of his body. Its eyes blazed, like fire. Its mouth hung open. The kids could see the monster had huge, sharp teeth, and an even larger tongue, which was green and slimy. The kids were terrified. They froze in their places. Their heart began to beat rapidly.

One shouted to the others, "Guys! Let’s get outta here!"

It looked over to where the noise came from. The three screamed, turning around and running away. It began its chase after them. It caught up with the first one. It grabbed onto him, sinking its claws into the kid’s arms. It then wrapped its tongue around the kids neck. One of the kids looked back to see what was happening. He watched as the creature pulled the kid into its mouth, devouring him. The kid watching just froze in fear, losing control of his bladder system.

The kid behind him yelled for him to run away. But he couldn’t hear him. He watched as the creature then clinched its fists together and looked into the sky. Its eyes were getting brighter, as if it had somehow become more powerful. It than vomited the kid up, but you could not tell it was him. It looked like a human-sized fur ball, but it was really just a regurgitated body.

The creature then flew into the air. He could sense his prey had not moved in quite a while. Soon, it thought it would finally reach its goal. The creature’s only thoughts were of hunger; its hunger to take that which it could not take earlier. But that was in a different realm before. This creature was no longer in Kevin’s head*, the creature had now been given life, through an ultra in this San Francisco area**.


(* See Prime: A New Twist #9, ** See Strangers: A New Twist #10)

Prime awoke to find himself strapped to some equipment. "What have you done? Where’s my dad?"

"So many questions..." Gross smiled, until he could feel the smile had distorted his face. "Your father is fine, Kevin. Don’t worry about him. It’s time to begin."

"How am I still Prime? Wouldn’t I have transformed when I lost consciousness?"

"No, my son. I have had this planned since I last saw you. The injection you received earlier had ‘stiffened’ your ultra-body, keeping it from decomposing. One of my newest creations... you see, son, I won’t lose this time. I can’t. I need you... in order to save me. This weakened ultra-body of mine cannot last much longer. I need your body, Prime."

Prime tried to break free from the equipment, which he had been trapped down to, but his body really did seem stiffened. He couldn’t break loose. He had to see if he could reach an agreement. "Okay, I will help you. If you promise to let me AND MY FATHER go. And never bother me again."

"Oh, son. I’m afraid you won’t be alive. You see, son. To unlock all of your secrets, I must dissect you as well. You must be the sacrifice, so that others might live!"

"You mean so you can live!"

"No, son! You have me all wrong! I want to give others the same gift I have given you."

"This is no gift... this is a curse!"

Just as Prime shouted those words, the good doctor took out his laser scalpel. "I’m sorry, son." He then began to grin.

Just as he was about to begin his operation, a loud sound came from the front door.

"Duey, see what that is!’

"Yes, master." Gross’s servant, now in his 19-year old human form, went to the door. Just as he reached for the door kob, the creature crashed through the door, destroying it, with half of the building’s front. The creature charged at Duey and tackled him to the ground.

"WHERE IS HE?!" the creature’s voice was like the sound of a hiss.

Russell Green, trapped in the cage to its left could not believe its sight. It looked like some type of evil Prime!

Doctor Gross, to the right, jumped back in astonishment.

The creature came closer to where Prime was tied up. "YESSS..."

Prime was in fear. The creature looked just like the monster in his dreams!

Gross shouted out, "What do you want?!"


Prime was terrified. "NO! Stay back, you beast!"

"Call me, Primevil!" Its tongue slithered out and slapped itself along Prime’s face, tasting its prey.

"You stay back!" Gross took his laser scalpel and directed it at Primevil, knowing Prime was his only way of staying alive and changing the unstable body he was now forced in.

The creature attacked the doctor, flinging him into the wall.

Duey watched in anger, as he transformed himself into the imperfect ultra he was. His features were hideous, but his strength was still about half of what Prime’s was. He ran and grabbed the creature, trying to save his "father."

Meanwhile, Prime struggled to break out of the metal chains that held him against a table. He could feel his body loosening from its stiffening state, until he was able to break free.

Finally, Prime broke free. He looked to see what was happening. He watched as the creature tore into Duey’s ultra-body and threw the human who was inside. He couldn’t bare to watch any more, it was too disgusting. The villain of his now laid dead with his intestines spilt out on the floor next to him.

The creature then moved closer to Gross. He yelled in fear. He stuck the laser scalpel in the beast’s chest, but it only made it madder.

Prime opened the cage which his father was trapped in.

"Who is that son!?" his father shouted frantically.

"I can’t explain now." He wasn’t sure if he would ever be able to.

"It doesn’t matter. Let’s go!"

"No, dad! I have to save Gross! He may be a bad guy, but I can’t let him get killed like that other guy was!"

Gross was wounded. He suffered head injuries and his body was beginning to grow more unstable Prime attacked the monster, just before the creature could give Gross a fatal blow.

"Be careful son!" Russell watched from behind, wishing his son had taken his advice.

Prime grabbed the monster and turned it around. He punched it in the stomach, but it seemed to have no affect.

The creature hissed, then it punched Prime in the face, smashing his nose and pushing his face in. Such a blow would usually weaken or deform Prime’s ultra-body, but the drugs which Gross had injected into Prime’s body actually gave it more stamina. His face popped back into place, as if it were rubber.

Prime then sent Primevil a counterpunch. This time it fell two feet back, sending it outside the isolated building. The monster then hovered into the air. Prime charged at it. Using his fists, Prime pushed it into the air. The two exchanged fists in the sky, as Russell headed out the building to watch his son battle. But Gross stopped him, pleading for help.

Russell ran over to where Gross laid. His entire body now looked as if it were melting. Gross was dying.

"Help me, Russel... I’m sorry for everything which I did."

Russell could hear the pain in Gross’s voice. "Why should I? You’re responsible for what happened to my son... You and Samuels!"

Gross looked up at Russell and then grinned. "And yourself..."

Russell placed his foot on Gross’s throat. "Samuels is dead now!* Why don’t you join him hell?" He then stepped down on his throat, until he stopped breathing, "I’ll be joining soon."


(*See Prime: A New Twist #8)

Prime and Primevil continued their air battle. They gave each other blow after blow, to see which one would weaken first. Doctor Gross had actually saved him by giving him those drugs. His body could now withstand much more than normal.

But the creature was growing weaker. It needed more energy... more souls to keep it alive. And it needed Prime. Its entire goal to take its power, to replace it. It failed to defeat Kevin his dreams, now it had to defeat him in reality, so that it could be Prime. "You must die!!!"

"Not today!" But Kevin didn’t plan on giving up. He hit the creature on the head. Its strained body fell downward. As Prime watched, he noticed a power line close by. He remembered how his body reacted with electricity in the past, and how Gross once used it to keep him under control. If he could somehow electrocute the monster, he could possibly kill it.

Prime landed on the ground, about four yards from the monster. The power line stood behind him. The creature stood up and charged at Prime. Prime jumped and grabbed the creature by its feat, as it went past him. He took the creature and swung it against a power line. Th electricity was too much. The creature let out a deep, loud scream, until Prime let go of it.

It laid on the ground, its eyes no longer glowing, its tongue resting on its chest.

Russell ran over to the scene. "Is it dead?"

"I think so, dad."

"What was it, son?"

"I don’t know... But I think it has been living inside me... egging me on to lose control of my rage sometime..."

"THAT lived inside you?! I guess we should be glad its over then, son." Russell tried to smile, but he could only worry. What had he gotten his son into? What was this creature? Could it have came from within him?

"Where’s Gross?"

"He’s dead, son." But now he wished he hadn’t killed him. For now he had more questions then before. He had to find the answers. What was his son? Where did the DNA which sparked life into this creature known as Prime come from? Where did Gross find it? What was going to happen next?


"For once I’m glad you’re not to blame, Kevin," said Martha Green to her son, as she drove him home from the airport. "I should have known it was Russell. How dare he take you out of school... out of TOWN without MY permission!"

"Mom, it’s all right. It’s like he said, he just wanted to see me again."

"Well, he won’t be seeing you ever again! I’ve contacted a lawyer! I’m getting a restraining order against that man!" Kevin began to cry quietly. She looked over at him. "Son, I’m sorry. But I have to do this... for your own safety."

The End... for now.

Coming Soon: Prime: The New Adventures, a brand new fan fiction title, with brand new fan fiction adventures, starring Prime! And the first new saga stars Prime getting acquainted with his new home... NEW YORK CITY!


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