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Strangers: A New Twist
Written by Les "Lex" Chaon
Edited by James Pedrick
Created by Steve Englehart
Property of Malibu Comics

59 strangers transformed into something by a blast of energy into more than human.  Some become heroes.  Some villains. Six of them join forces with a sorceress from a lost city to find out why.

Strangers: A New Twist #1 - What would happen if 59 people suddenly get ultra powers?  What will they do with their powers? Will they become heroes or villains?

Strangers: A New Twist #2 - Answers are sought by our six heroes, but more questions are found.

Strangers: A New Twist #3 - The Strangers are finally ready to debut.  But who is there ready for them?

Strangers: A New Twist #4 - San Francisco is plagued by ice robberies. Are the Strangers enough to put a stop to them, or do they need some help?

Strangers: A New Twist #4 - An epilogue to last week's issue starring the ever so popular Gecko!

Strangers: A New Twist #5 - Can the Strangers save the Golden Gate Bridge from three super stong ultras? And what will make Yrial enjoy being a Stranger?

Strangers: A New Twist #6 - Do you have a death wish? You don’t? Well you will! Hahahahahaha!

Strangers: A New Twist #7 - Part 2 of "Do You Have a Death Wish?"

Strangers: A New Twist #8 - Who is the Pilgrim? The Strangers' greatest threat starts right here.

Pilgrim #1 Special - The mysterious Pilgrim gets even more mysterious as he stars in his own one-shot with guest appearances of Prime, Rune, and Night Man.

Strangers: A New Twist #9 - See what J. D. Hunt has been up to these past few
months. What schemes could he have that involve a mysterious armored

Strangers: A New Twist #10 - The Strangers and Prime colide for the first time as Prime helps them fight TNTNT. Find out what happens in this issue which is concluded in Primevil #1.

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