Lord Pumpkin: A New Twist
Warning: This title may contain graphic violance, strong language, and mature subjects.

Lord Pumpkin: A New Twist
is written by Todd Mandle
Edited by Phractyl
Created by Dan Danko
Property of Malibu Comics

They said he was dead, but it was followed by an "again", and it was again. Over and over. Lord Pumpkin, a centuries old evil, the malevolent squash king, is reborn in the town of Geistburg, inside a fourteen year old boy. The roots of evil spread this summer. The flame of cruelty beats down on the earth. He is as eternal as chaos, as undeniable as hatred. He is the king of misery. "Long may he reign."

Lord Pumpkin: A New Twist #1 - This issue begins the return of Lord Pumpkin in "A Butcher, a Baker, a Candlestick-maker". The ride starts here with war, and hate, and apathy.

Lord Pumpkin: A New Twist #2 -  Kirby gets a tummy ache. The crow cuts into Lance's buzz big time, and Mr. and Mrs. Lot learn about problem children. "A Butcher, A Baker, A Candlestick Maker" continues!

Lord Pumpkin: A New Twist #3 - Lord Pumpkin meets his big brother after casually slaughtering mom and pop. Will the squash king be stopped? Will the small town survive? Will Lance find a "slaughtered by talking vegetables" clause in his parent's insurance policy?

Lord Pumpkin: A New Twist #4 - It's the night of the Great Pump as the story shifts to New York City on the eve of Halloween!

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